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Phyllisia Ross Upcoming Music Video Only For You

Fans of singer Phyllisia Ross are waiting breathlessly for the release of her music video for “Only for You”. The singer-songwriter-composer has been posting teasing photos on her social media accounts, giving her followers and fans glimpses of scenes from the music video. The video, directed by Abdias Laguerre–who also directed the video for her song “Konsa”—is expected to be released before the end of the year.
Phyllisia Ross
The singer, clad in a lace black dress strikes a pose.

Phyllisia Ross Haitian
The singer puts on her shades at a marina. Ooh, isn’t that a suitcase next to her? Is she about to make an escape somewhere? Is she running away from someone? She looks like a female don in this photo.

Phyllisia Ross
Ooh, look at that ponytail! And who’s this guy next to her!

Phyllisia Ross Only For You
Ooh, she looks quite the femme fatale in this one. Wonder if she’ll be playing a bad girl in this music video…

Phyllisia Ross
Another great visual from the video.

Phyllisia Ross Only for You Video

Getting her face beat in-between takes for the video. Ooh, what lashes. And that updo is too slick.

Phyllisia Ross Only for you music video photo
She’s looking so pensive in this one. You just know she’s belting out a high note.

Phyllisia Ross only for you music video
Ooh la la. Smoke effects.

Be sure to watch out for the “Only for you” music video, filmed in association with Stark Media. Meanwhile…


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