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Haiti Diva Rutshelle Guillaume Releases Sophomore Album Rebelle

Haiti Diva Rutshelle Guillaume Releases Sophomore Album Rebelle

Haiti Diva To Release Sophore Album Rebelle Today
Haiti singer-songwriter Rutshelle Guillaume, who’s known as just Rutshelle on social media has released her sophomore album Rebelle today. Her last album was a set of emotional ballads. If this one is to be judged by the leading single “Rendez-Vous au Sommet” [See You at the Top], which was a mid-tempo number, this set is bound to be more upbeat.

While her fans waited on Rebelle, they had the chance to listen to her new vocal direction with the song “Kansè”, which she sung with Kai lead singer Richard Cave. The song has gotten a great deal of praise from fans on social media.

Rutshelle has also made her intentions to have a world tour known to her fans.

Haiti Diva Rutshelle Guillaume to Release Rebelle album today

The singer has been tirelessly promoting the album on her social media channels, teasing fans with photos and posts. The album was available for purchase as of yesterday on Amazon. According to information available on that channel the album contains a song entitled “Sekrè” which features Miami rapper and media personality Stichiz. This pairing ought to be interesting! It’s fitting that those two should get together for a track. They’re both empowering females. The album contains 11 tracks, including “Victorious”, “I’m Not For Sale”, “J’aime Les Gentlemans” (I Love Nice Guys). The album is produced by Haitian music veteran Fabrice Rouzier.
Haiti diva Rutshelle Guillaume to release Rebelle Today

CLICK HERE to purchase the album on Amazon.

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