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Singer Mickael Guirands Personal Note to Fans About His Return

Mickael GuirandYesterday, the band Carimi officially heralded the return of their lead singer Mickael Guirand, after the latter had announced in early December that he was taking a break from the band. Today, the singer himself took to the band’s social media pages to convey his gratitude to his fans, as well as to reassure fans of his return.

In a lengthy post, the singer stated (among other things) that he had left the band because issues—that he chose not to specify—had left him drained, and in want of a sabbatical. He had intended to take a few years off, but after seeing the outpour of love from fans, Carimi teammates, and industry leaders, he decided to get back into the game.

The singer also put to rest salacious stories that had been spreading on social media pages about the reason for his departure from Carimi. Of the pivotal moment that led to his comeback, he wrote:

“Until this pass weekend when all 4 of us sat down to talk, it was evident that my only choice was to come back, ready or not.”


The konpa band frontman also had a special message for his fans:

“I really want from the bottom of my heart to say thank you to the fans for their support… your texts, tweets, messages and prayers. They have been priceless and really a call from above to push me back to where I was made to be. I got into music because I loved it but now I see how I’ve created an extended family, and for that I am [indebted] to you and I will keep the music coming. You guys give me purpose and have reconnected me w a part of me that I had forgotten.”

In the note, the singer went on to apologize to his fans, and promised that he’s relinquished some of his non-singing duties in the band, in order to gradually retain his footing.

[Main Photo Credit: Plezikanaval]
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