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5 Times Sherlee Skai Totally Killed The Fashion Game

Have you ever taken the time to check out singer-songwriter Sherlee Skai’s fashion game? Her modus operandi when it comes to fashion is to combine contemporary pieces with heritage pieces, with a hint of sexiness (not too much, just the size of a mustard seed). Now, dear readers, let us examine 5 outfits from this stunning singer…yes indeed…let’s take a look at 5 Times Sherlee Skai looked Kreyolicious and totally killed the fashion game…

1. That time she favored tropical colors and looked simply gorgeous.
Sherlee Skai
Sporting a wide-brimmed, bleached lime green hat, and collar bone-length earrings from designer Kafe Dore—toppled with a curve-emphasizing, spider web-patterned red dress, Sherlee looks ready for a trip to Ile-a-Vache—or some other pretty place in Haiti. [Photo Credit: James Hercule/Lereef Designs]

2. That time she pinned her hair up.
Sherlee Skai
Those jet black spirals seemed to have been made shinier by the wide smile she sported. On her ears were string-beaned earrings, and her chain

3. That time she wore that ribbon dress.
Sherlee Skai photo
Would you be bold enough to wear something like that ladies? Sherlee makes it look so classy.

4. That time when she drew inspiration from four different decades.
Sherlee Skai photos
Shiny off-white pearls with an air of the Flapper Era. A scarlet red jacket that combines the tailored precision of the 1940s, with the 1980s career woman look. A leather bra that recalls to mind the late 1980s-early 1990s rock-and-roll and pop scene. And slightly loose, black-and-white dancer leggings…All this…with a Harlem graffiti mural in the background.

5. That time wore those blonde plaits.
Sherlee Skai photograph
And that outfit. A Northern Africa-inspired top, with a midriff-baring skirt, accessories with a gold bracelet, and a golden-colored headband.

There you have it folks…5 Times Sherlee Skai Looked Kreyolicious.


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