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It’s About To Go Down Tonight! The Michael Brun Bayo Little Haiti Block Party Will Be Lit

Michael Brun Bayo Little Haiti Block Party March 24
The Michael Brun Bayo Little Haiti Block Party is where it’s at! The Little Haiti Cultural Complex to be exact…March 24th, from 6pm-10pm. Acts like DJ Whoo Kid, Zoey Dollaz, Rara Lakay are all set to perform. And arriving directly from Port-au-Prince are Haiti’s very own JPerry, Tonymix, Balalatet, Lakou Mizik. Ada Ayiti is said to also be part of the line-up. Brun has promised lots of other surprises.

Will the Little Haiti Cultural Center be able to hold all this musical madness? Hope so, as the crowd that will be coming out to this event will be vast! While we’re on this subject, I have to say…The Little Haiti Cultural Center is really living up to its name. Bayo!

Michael Brun is truly a musical ambassador for the A-Y-I-T-I. Last year, the uber-producer held a beachfront festival in Haiti, featuring several music acts from the island, in addition to musical acts from all over. He recently worked with One Republic on a remix for that band’s song “Oh My My”, which has yet to be released to the masses. But count on hearing it any day now, and count on it being another listenable hit.
Michael Brun Bayo Little Haiti Block Party

To say that Michael Brun is on a roll is practically an understatement.

Back in February, Brun gave eargasms to everyone with an eardrum with his song “Gaya” created and released for Haiti’s famed carnival. The song’s release was immediately followed by a video that captured modern Haiti and all its beauty and effervescence.

Consistently great musical output, combined with his undeniable talent, and jolly image have made him a favorite of many. He’s in a category of his own making.

The Michael Brun Bayo Little Haiti Block Party is where it’s at! If you’re in Miami, and can make it, be sure to come down. You can use your student loans as an excuse not to come…it’s free!

This has been a special edition of Kreyolicious Music.

Main Photo Credit: Kerby Jean


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Breakup Rumors Plaguing Carimi Again! But Carimi Can’t End! It Just Can’t!

Carimi breakup 575x312
Carimi may be no more. That’s the cry sounding all over the internet and social media that has fans panicking, industry insiders feeling disheartened and bloggers like me in The Thinking Man posture. Last week, speculations began swirling on Twitter and Facebook that Carimi lead singer Micheal Guirand may have turned his back on the band. Last December, the singer had sent in a resignation letter to the public, only to return two weeks later to loud cheers from Carimi Nation. But this time around, speculations are running rampant that it may not just be singer Micheal throwing in the towel, but at least one other member as well.

It cannot end this way.

It just can’t.

First of all, the band will be celebrating its fifteen years of existence…why throw away fifteen years? Need I remind you again that fifteen years is like pre-K to high school and some college years?

And if Carimi stops now, what will it mean for Haitian music?

And if Carimi stops now, won’t this affect the morale of up-and-coming bands?

And if Carimi stops now, won’t members be haunted by what could have been for the rest of their lives?

And if Carimi stops now, what sort of role models will they be to other band members facing issues and problems?

Granted, it’s natural for fans to stomp their feet at the very idea that this band could possibly be disintegrating. The memories. The music.

A band existing for a decade and a half…well, that’s quite an accomplishment. When one considers all the sacrifices that have undoubtedly gone into the making this band, creating it, sustaining it over the years…and the mental and physical exhaustion that comes with traveling, logistics…well, it’s this band’s right to take a break, a pause if they need to…After all, there’s a time for everything right? But surely, there’s a way to take a rest without resorting to total annihilation of the band. Spreading out bookings…reducing the number of shows per year, and increasing asking price per gig so that the band can still maintain its revenue.

So, having a band for fifteen years is not easy. Sometimes, you might even get tired of doing the same thing over and over. But, if it’s all for the love of music, and if the love of music never gets evaporated in true musicians?

Maybe over the years of their existence, some of their priorities may have changed.

Even with these facts in mind, it can’t end this way.

No, it just can’t.

Carimi must go on. This band must move onward.

Whatever needs to be mended…let it be mended.

Whatever needs to be talked out…let it be talked out.

Let any adjustments that needs to be made be made.

Granted, adjustments not involving the exit of any of the members or personnel.

Carimi breakup rumors

If Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and the rest of the Rolling Stone can make it, so can Carimi. And I know that these are two different industries that are being contrasted here, but the basic aspect of both is relationships and maintaining the love…and that’s all that’s needed. [Bible tone] Is there a wound among brothers that can’t be mended?

MikeyBear, you’re not going anywhere! Unless…it’s to go pick up your microphone, to start singing the first notes of “Baby I Miss You”.

Mr. Cave, you’re not going anywhere! Unless, it’s to cradle a mic to belt out the verses of “Fem Kado’w”

And Karlotitos, you’re DEFINITELY not going anywhere, unless it’s straight to that stage to pick up your keyboards and play.

Let Carimi continue. Then when it’s celebrating its 20th or 25th anniversary, we can have a talk about band members taking a break…

Until then, Carimi Nation onward!



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