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An Interview With Canadian-Haitian Jazz Duo Bel and Quinn

Bel and Quinn Canadian Haitian Jazz Duo
There is this serenity in the music of Canadian-Haitian jazz duo Bel and Quinn. Perhaps it’s because one of their influences is 1950s singer Sam Cooke. Or perhaps it’s because the pair are actual sisters, and have their sisterhood on autopilot.

The sisters are hot as winter fireplace wood on the Montreal music scene. They can be seen performing at hot spots such as Club Balattou, O Patro Vys, Casa Del Popolo, and La Marche d’à Côté. The daughters of a Haitian couple, they perform in English, French and even Haitian Creole.

Quinn is up first! Follow our conversation!

Kreyolicious: Were you exposed to Haitian music growing up?
Quinn: Yes, we were exposed to Haitian music growing up. I always liked seeing my parents dancing konpa in the living room when we were younger. If they saw us watching them dance, they would stop! It was beautiful to see. I developed a taste for Haitian music listening to Rodrigue Millien and Ansy Dérose.

Kreyolicious: A lot of teenagers find themselves withdrawing into music as a refuge. Was the case with you growing up?
Quinn: Yes. I would even say that music saved my life. Bel and I have experienced extremely difficult things and mental illness has been and is still very difficult. Music has literally saved us from these difficult times.

Kreyolicious: What’s it like working with Bel in the studio?
Quinn: Bel and I often spend time together and it is as if we communicate without saying words. Bel is very patient and at the same time very perfectionist when we’re in the studio because she wants things to be perfect! Also if I’m not sure I played a song well, she encourages me. We are a team.

Kreyolicious: Let’s say you’re working on a track. What do you do?
Quinn: We try as much as possible to take ideas from both sides. If it doesn’t work we leave the song aside and we come back on it the next day or a few days later. But Bel and I are very well connected and our ideas come together quite often.

Kreyolicious: Canada being a bilingual country…do you think that certain songs are better done in French than English and vice versa?
Quinn: I think so. Some songs are better expressed in French, English and even in Creole. Some things are better expressed in some languages. Sometimes, the feeling of a song is meant to be in a particular language so you just have to follow your inspiration and creativity.

Kreyolicious: When you’re on the stage, all eyes are on you. When do you feel the most beautiful?
Quinn: I feel beautiful when I play my guitar solos. As a jazz guitarist – jazz guitar is a man’s world – I am proud to be a jazz woman guitarist. I feel beautiful when I do solos and when I can express myself with melodic phrases.

Kreyolicious: Have you been to Haiti? What did you think?
Quinn: I have never been for different reasons but it is in my plans. Let’s hope for the best [next year].
Bel and Quinn Canadian singers
Kreyolicious: What should we expect from you next?
Quinn: We plan to record a few songs[this year] possibly in French and Creole. We’re thinking about an EP. We’ll keep playing in various venues to share our art.

This is the interview with Quinn! Be on the lookout for the interview with Bel! Stay connected with Bel and Quinn and their music!

VISIT the sisters’ website| Bel and Quinn on Facebook | Bel and Quinn on Twitter

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Interview: Millennial Fashion Designer Holchiline Alcy, Part II

fashion designer Holchiline Alcy based in South Florida
Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale graduate Holchiline Alcy left the medical track for a life in fashion design. It’s a change of direction that the Millennial fashion designer has not lived to regret. The fashion designer creates custom outfits for her mostly twenty-something clientele. A woman who’s sporting a Holchiline Alcy dress is hip, young, and loves contemporary looks with a vintage flair.

fashion designer Holchiline Alcy fashion design
Kreyolicious: What’s the best thing about being a fashion entrepreneur?
Holchiline Alcy: The best thing about being a fashion entrepreneur is that I have an exciting project to work on at all time. Despite all the sleepless nights I have when trying to meet my deadlines and all the drama that goes behind the scene before a fashion show, I could never get bored. After a successful show I feel like I want more! And more no matter how much headaches comes with it. Hey more!
Holchiline Alcy fashion designer and fashion

Kreyolicious: If you were starting out now, would your methods and strategies be different?
Holchiline Alcy: Uhmmm I feel like I want to say yes because if I knew that I was going to be a designer, I sure would not have wasted a year in medical school. But then again, I feel like I am exactly where I’m supposed to be right now. I feel like there are some things that God wants me to learn from the path that I am in right now. So, no, I wouldn’t change anything. Let it be!
Miami Fashion designer Holchiline Alcy

Kreyolicious: Where do you get the inspiration for your designs?
Holchiline Alcy: I am a very romantic designer. I get my inspiration mostly from my childhood memories, nature and historical era’s. For example some of the designs for the Black Wine collection are elements you will find in a little girl’s school uniform in Haiti. I use the color black a lot, I use lots of pleats (pli kano) cutouts, and more pleats. [Laughter]
fashion designer Holchiline Alcy
Kreyolicious: What 5 books have you read that have changed your life? What did you learn from each?
Holchiline Alcy: Well first and for most I would say the Bible has a huge influence in my life, had no one introduced it to me I don’t think I would have been who I am today, that little girl from Haiti with a big dream! Second is Rich Dad Poor Dad, then Rich Dad, Poor Dad Part II, then Instincts by T.D. Jake’s and my fashion Pattern Making book. That’s my baby.

Kreyolicious: You travel to Haiti often?
Holchiline Alcy: Not as often as I would love to, but I’ve went back three times so far…mostly during summer time.

CLICK HERE to keep up with fashion designer Holchiline Alcy and to order one of her custom designs.

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