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Meet the 19-Year Old Fashion Designer Louca Bell

What drives someone to become a fashion designer at the age of nineteen? That’s the question burning in your mind right now, and what prompted you to read this article.
Louca Bell 1 575x384
Above: Louca Bell (in gold-copper dress) backstage at a fashion show.

Well, for Miami-based designer Louca Bell, it’s love and a burning passion for the craft. At fifteen, she was taking sewing classes at school, and from there she gained some headway by participating at various fashion shows. “Now I’m focusing on growing my business as a brand and creating new pieces for my next collection,” she tells me.

Her latest collection is a combination of attitude and charm.
Louca Bell
Kreyolicious: When did you realize that fashion design was your true path?
Well, I’ve always been creative in that aspect. For me, it wasn’t about “realizing it” but more accepting myself as an artist, and making the decision to commit to designing as a full-time career.

Kreyolicious: There’s a story behind every name. What’s the story behind your brand?
Since my brand is a reflection of me—Louca Bell is constantly evolving. When I grow as a person and as a woman, my brand flourishes with me. It begins where I begin.

Kreyolicious: When you first started were there times when you felt like, “Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Let me leave this alone?” How did you handle and overcome such times?
Not only when I first started—I still struggle with that from time to time. But, I remind myself that I am doing what I love for a living, and I can’t give up on myself. This path is the path I chose. Therefore, I have to keep going no matter what obstacles get in my way.

Kreyolicious: What would you say out there to those who want to become entrepreneurs, but who are afraid of failure, harsh criticism and skepticism from family, and even the fear of wasting time and money?
I would say, as long as you believe in what you’re doing and you focus on your goals nothing should get in your way not friends, family or negative comments if you keep applying and developing whatever it may be that you are working on everything and everyone will fall into place. You shouldn’t be afraid to fail, its part of the experience you just have to learn from your mistakes to not repeat them that’s more knowledge to you. As for criticism you have to remember there’s always going to people out there with negative opinions but still take them into consideration and see if they apply to you because sometimes criticism can be constructive.

Kreyolicious: Who has influenced you the most?
My sister without a doubt! Her work ethic is amazing and watching her has taught me how to be extremely diligent in what I do. Because of who she is, she’s surrounded herself with like minded people and in return I have been able to do the same. Being around artists who understand my creative language allows me to grow as a designer and business woman. Sounds cliché, but surrounding yourself with people who are into the same things as you are, does wonders for your career.
Louca Bell
Kreyolicious: what are some of your proudest career moments?
I think my proudest career moment would have to be when I had my first solo show in November of [last year]. I can definitely say that putting on a production is no easy task and is nothing but hard work, but I had a good team behind me. The show came out great, so all the sweat and dedication was worth it. My second proudest career moment was [this past] March. I had a show at the Marriott hotel in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Not only was I proud to have had the opportunity to collaborate with other amazing artists out of Haiti, but it was also the first time my parents came to see one of my shows. It was an exciting moment for me because they finally got a chance to actually see what I do for a living, and they had nothing but positive feedback.

Kreyolicious: Take me behind-the-scenes of your creative process and how you go about creating a piece.
The first step to any creative process is inspiration. For any piece that I am making, I have to find something that inspires it, which can either be influenced by African fashion, a friends sense of style, anything I might have seen on the streets or social media. Then we hit the fabric store to find the perfect material that’s fitting to my image. After that, I cut and stitch pieces together to bring that piece to life, and hope it fulfills the purpose it was created for.

Kreyolicious: Where do hope to take Louca Bell?
I would love for Louca Bell to grow into a successful business and a brand of clothing that everyone can feel comfortable and stylish wearing. I also hope to open an atelier somewhere in Haiti to produce all my material. I would really love for all the pieces to be made in my home country.

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Kreyolicious Interview: Lex Pierre-Louis, Entrepreneur and Branding/Marketing Maven

Lex Pierre-Louis? Ever heard of him? No? Well, you’re not cool. You’re really not. As one of the leading branding and marketing influencers in the nation, and one of the foremost trendsetters in Miami, he’s sure to have started a trend you’re following, and he’s sure to have concocted a marketing campaign you were served.
Lex Pierre Louis 575x572

The owner and CEO of Lex Promotions and Marketing Group can do without your recognition anyways. He’s got all the zeroes with the proper decimals and the signatures in all the right places on the huge checks he gets from the big brands he worked with. Black Enterprise, Legacy Magazine, and The Miami Herald have all recognized his power as an influencer, event marketer, and promoter.

Brands and companies come to him when they’re trying to reach out to young trendsetters. Public relations strategists run to him when they’re looking to target specific demographics. They especially seek him out when they’re looking for an expert who knows how to effectively maneuver non-traditional advertising tactics, and apply grassroots methods.

Kreyolicious: Words can make, can break people. When you were growing up, were you ever told that you would amount to nothing? That you’d never get anywhere?
When I was growing up, I was lucky to have the support from family and friends. My parents were a positive influence on me. But at the same time I saw friends, whose parents with insult them. That made me happy to have the parents that I had.
lex pierre louis photo

Kreyolicious: You’re an influencer, and your power as an influencer and trendsetter goes beyond Miami. Everyone has a start. How did you get your start?
I got my start at an early age, in high school and middle school. I started to deejay and promote my own parties. From there, I moved on to promoting music, and eventually brands that wanted to reach the college and high school demographic. I realized my power as an influencer when I was in college. Every time I would visit Florida Memorial University, students and Djs would be eager to ask me what were the new trends, so they could follow.

Kreyolicious: It’s not unusual for someone to start out really well in a field, make a splash, and then hit obstacles, and quit. What has kept you going?
I have a love and passion for what I do, Marketing, Branding, Promotions this is me when the lights are of. Even when I am out at a restaurant, my mind thinks of ways that something can be re-branded. So my love for what I do is what keeps me going in touch times.

Kreyolicious: Would your parents have preferred for you to be a doctor? Or attorney, even, since you definitely have persuasive skills.
My parents did not support my career choice at all. They wanted me to finish my pharmaceutical program, but I choose to join the entrepreneurship boat in the marketing field. Once I started my company, the only thing my parents were asking was, “are you paying your taxes” but for years they had no interest in my company. That did not stop me, it actually pushed me to work harder.

Kreyolicious: Have you been to Haiti?
I travel to Haiti every December for http://www.christmasgivinginhaiti.org A non profit program that collects toys, clothes, and shoes in throughout the South Florida area and sends them to children and families in Haiti. Travels to Haiti annually organizing and managing multiple toy and clothing distribution. Most recently in April 2016, I took two trips to Haiti to learn more about orphanages, how they operate, and to volunteer my services. I visited New Hope for Haiti in Les Cayes, and Mission of Grace. Outside of visiting orphanages, I have so much fun seeing family, and joy ridding ATVs, and jet skis in Haiti.
Lex Pierre-Louis event marketer
Above: Lex Pierre-Louis poses with members of his street team for Zo’s Winter Groove, one of Miami’s signature events.

Kreyolicious: Can you give us an overview of what it’s like to run a company like Lex Promotions?
Running a company Like Lex Promotions and Marketing Group is a difficult task. Everyday, you have to follow up with clients, manage staff, and supervise current projects. In addition to you have to be creative with your team, to execute creative marketing campaigns for clients. Twelve-hour work days, weekly flights to different cities, and last minute request to make miracles happen are the norm.

Kreyolicious: What should we expect from you in the future? Your own record label, perhaps? A film production company?
While I have had a strong role in the Music and Entertainment industry in the past ten years, in the future I see myself more on the Marketing/Branding side and possibly tourism trips to Haiti. I love working with brands and companies like airlines, cell phone companies, restaurants, and Clothing lines, that want to reach the Millennial or Caribbean demographics and have difficulty. That’s where Lex Promotions and Marketing Group comes in. We are that demographic, and understand what makes them move. On the tourism side, an example would be how an island like Haiti. It can be marketed to college students as a destination for spring break vacations/extreme vacation destination etc.
lex pierre louis and trick daddy
Lex with rap legend and Miami’s very own Trick Daddy.

Kreyolicious: “This book changed my life”, or “These books changed my thinking,” people sometimes say about books that have had immeasurable influence on their lives. What books have played a role in your growth?
It’s Your Business—JJ Ramberg, MusicMarketing-Mike King, Steve stoute The Tanning of America. I also visit Entrepreneur.com and blackenterprise.com daily. They have some amazing articles.

Kreyolicious: What’s your proudest moment?
It’s hard for me to say what my proudest moment is. I have [had] the opportunity to be part of some amazing projects…Over twenty Number One albums. Worked with major brands like Burger King, Beats By Dre, Dub Magazine, platinum selling artists, and introducing new liquor companies like Luc Belaire Rose. But I think that I am happy about the recent launch of my personal website lexpierrelouis.com in March [of this year].

Lex Pierre-Louis
Above: Lex at a gathering with an associate and rapper Rick Ross.

Kreyolicious: If you mentoring someone who wanted to go into publicity, marketing and promotions, what would you say to him or her to prepare him or her for that sector?
Stray True to your brand. You have to quickly identify what your bran is, and stay true to it.


This was another episode of Yap Mennen[They Ballin’]…in which…in which I—your girl Kreyolicious—profiles a baller in the community. Tune in next time.

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