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Princess Eud: Her 5 Greatest Moments For The Year 2015

Haiti has a female rapper…did you know? From growing her clothing line Iyoudi, to starring in a film, to undertaking collabos with fellow artists, and representing Haiti in Montreal and New York, the rapper-singer’s year was dotted with spectacular moments. What were some of the moments that especially made her year? Let’s see, shall we?

1. Teaming up with fellow female artist Sherlee Skai.

Princess Eud

This move was the best moment ever…solidarity…unity…the sisterhood in action. The teaming was positive propaganda for girl-to-girl friendships. Hurray!

2. Princess Eud performing at Carifesta.

Princess Eud photo

What was Carifesta? Carifesta was a Pan-Caribbean festival that was held in Haiti this year, and Princess Eud was among the performers. [Photo Credit: Jeffty Roberty

3. Hob-knobbing with one of her idols, Wyclef Jean.

Princess Eud

You know you’re balling when you are taking a photo next to an artist you grew up admiring.

4. Releasing an Egyptian-themed music video with her partner-in-crime Ded Kra-Z.

Princess Eud photos

The video, directed by Trillion Productions, went on to be nominated for (and copping the award) in the Best Rap Music Video at the Ohio-based RLM WMVA Awards.

5. The growth of her clothing line Iyoudi Collection.

Princess Eud Iyoudi

In addition to giving her clothing line visibility by wearing pieces from it on every occasion, the rapper showcased her line at various fashion events in Haiti.


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