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Jovenel Moïse presidential candidate

Jovenel Moïse presidential candidate for the presidential party PHTK, if elected, intends, continue the work of President Martelly at the level of education, promising a turn to quality. It intends to create a school of excellence in every department.

  1. For the tourism sector, he announces a cable car project to provide transportation to the Citadelle Laferrière.
  2. For the security sector, he advocates a return to a rural police, a unit within the PNH, tha twill have as objective to ensure the safety of property peasants. At national level he committed to rebuild the Armed Forces of Haiti.
  3. From the economic point of view, he promises to put Haiti on the world map of exporting countries after decades of absence. He also intends to restore Haiti's dignity and its identity with a degree of autonomy in economic, financial and social.
  4. Creating jobs in the agricultural sector, after his inauguration and promised to launch a study for the creation of 10 agricultural production areas for export, an area that will be selected based on the amount of arable land available, of their proximity to the river and the sea and their road infrastructure.
  5. A project for the implementation of 570 greenhouses through the communal sections, which will also be preceded by a study.
  6. Pomises to strengthen justice for the creation of a Rule of Law.
  7. At the level of the economy he does not intend to increase the tax, but rather relies on wealth creation.
  8. If he is elected, he will make a thorough reform of the public administration, which according to him could lead to an increase in the yield of the State of about 40%.
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