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The Return of Sweet Micky: From Sweet Micky to President Martelly to Sweet Micky Again

Sweet Micky, the return! Haiti’s one-time president Michel Martelly plans to return to the stage with a huge bang.
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The band leader-turned island-leader-turned band leader exchanged his Cabinet members for his band members this past February. While he was still prez, he had given his fans a peek of his continued interest in the music business, albeit via “Ba Li Bannan” (Give Them Bananas), a highly controversial carnival song that was deemed vulgar and demeaning by some.

On June 24th, he is scheduled to perform at an all-black affair in Vegas as part of Konpa In Vegas, a three-day set of performances by konpa bands in Nevada. The Carel Pedre-hosted event will be held at the Hard Rock Cafe, and will be DJ’d by DJ Ok and DJJeanuwine. find Haiti’s former head-of-island playing in a musical showdown against the group T-Vice. The event is being advertised as a showdown between Sweet Mickey and his reputed musical nemesis T-Vice.

A video surfaced last night on social media showing the former prez wearing a tank top-wearing and short pants in a lively rehearsal. His band members were present, and practiced dance moves alongside their band leader.

While his Konpa In Vegas appearance is highly anticipated—judging from reactions on social media—Sweet Mickey’s first appearance will actually take place this May. He will be among the performers during the pre-parties of Miami’s famed Haitian Compas Festival.

Will a Sweet Micky album shortly follow? The musical world awaits. After all, it isn’t the first time that an entertainment figure has reverted to previous activities after completing public service. The actor Arnold Schawarzenegger served as governor of California and went back to acting once his term was over.

This has been an episode of Kreyolicious Music News…tune in next time!

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