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Haitian-Americans at New York Fashion Week @VickyJeudy

Haitian-Americans were styling throughout New York Fashion Week. Check it in this special edition of Kreyolicious Fashion.

Haitian Americans at New York Fashion Week 2016
Here is fashion industry maven Rajni Lucienne Jacques as she swept through New York Fashion Week. She wore a huge faux fur coat, and had her shoulder length hair in a ponytail. When you study her career, you see that she’s been one persistent and determined chick. She started off as an intern and is now one of the most respected fashion editors and influencers in the industry. As an editor at Racked, you know she can’t possibly miss this event. That girl Rajni Lucienne.

Haitian Americans at New York Fashion Week
Vicky Jeudy attended the Vivienne Tam and Sun Jung Wang shows. These are some of the looks that Vicky sported. She wore a black-and-white dress at Vivienne Tam, and wore a black spaghetti dress. She kept warm with a shawl thrown over her shoulders. It’s been a spectacular year for Vicky Jeudy. Recently, she won yet another SAG Award for her work in Orange Is The New Black. Let’s not forget that she’s going to star in the film adaptation of Caroline’s Wedding, Edwidge Danticat’s short story. That girl, Vicky.

Haitian Americans at New York Fashion Week
While these other two ladies were dazzling on one side of the coast, fashion bomb and industry influencer Claire Sulmers looked gorgeous in a pink dress suit on the West Coast. She was in attendance at the Colgate Optic White event. She wore strapped sandals with some midnight-dark hater blockers. Claire is the editor of TheBomblife, and the creator of The Fashion Bomb, two popular fashion destinations for fashionistas on the lookout for the next trend.

There you have it folks, Haitian-American fashion mavens at New York Fashion Week and in Los Angeles.

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