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How Yendy Cave Is Giving Back to Her Homeland

Yendy Cave Kids In Haiti
At 24 years old, Yendy Cave is the CEO of Kids In Haiti, a helping-hands organization she launched. Kids in Haiti is just what its name indicates. It’s dedicated to helping Haiti’s children. Multi-generational studies may characterize Millennials as self-absorbed narcissists, but Yendy is can be counted out of that stereotype bubble.

Based in New York, she travels frequently to Haiti to take care of Kids in Haiti business. Currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Marketing Management, the budding philanthropist is devoted to the cause her little heart holds so dear. Whether its food drives, outdoor activities, back-to-school giveaways and kids parties, Yendy finds a way to makes Haiti’s youths know that she (and a host of Kids in Haiti supporters) care.

Kreyolicious: What made you start this initiative?

This project started about four years ago. I was helping my cousin with a party for the kids of Furcy [a town in Haiti] in December for about 250 kids. I got very involved. And from there, I knew that it would be something I would like to do more [of]. Soon after, someone approached me about visiting an orphanage that needed help. I went to see the seventy kids of Orphelinat de la Main Divine with some snacks and drinks. I fell in love with these souls and decided to definitely start something for them. It started with a yearly party in December, followed by a back-to-school in August, and here I am today, three years later with 300 kids and three houses that I try my best to help.
Yendy Cave photo

Kreyolicious: Kids in Haiti…that’s a rather simple name…straight to the point. What do you feel is the greatest needs of kids in Haiti.

First of all, “for the kids” indeed is simple and straight-to-the-point, but only because the purpose is the kids. It’s not about me or anything else. Everything I do is for the kids. I believe the kids need love and affection before everything else. If you don’t have love, everything else cannot be built properly. The most important need after would be their health. Not only are most kids in Haiti not able to get their primary needs [taken care of], but also most of them suffer from different diseases. For this, I make sure to give them an annual doctor’s consultation and provide the medicine prescribed to each kid for the treatment. Another necessary need is of course food and water. Many kids suffer from hunger in Haiti and sometimes even die from it. After food comes, of course, education. Without education there is no knowledge, no principles, no values and no goals in life. The kids are the future, and we are the ones to make sure they are well equipped.
Yendy Cave Kids in Haiti

Kreyolicious: How can those who are wanting to get involved, help the Kids in Haiti organization?

I am always open to talk to anyone interested to help. I try my best to answer all messages and email and even provide my phone. Anyone who wants to help can always reach out to me from the contact info on the website, letting me know how they would like to help. The help can go from donating food, drinks, toys, clothes, school supplies, medicine—and of course, money—which can also be donated on the website. Some also like to give their time…which is always welcome, as I always need volunteers during the parties to help out, play with and give love to the kids.
Yendy Cave For the Kids of Haiti

Kreyolicious: Did you take any classes at school that helped you in managing in your non-profit? If so, which, and how did they help?

I haven’t taken many classes so far related to that. But as I started my Master’s now about six months ago, I’m hoping to get more knowledge in this area, as a part of my major is management. What I’ve done so far has been from my own planning, and of course, primarily with God’s help.

Kreyolicious: What advice would you like to give those out there who’d like to start a non-profit?

Please do it! [Laughter] I would always encourage people to continue with such movements as they can only help haiti in a way they can’t begin to imagine. It is hard work and takes a lot of motivation, energy, passion and strength, but it is also so worth it. So, I would tell them to always remember what their main focus and goal are whenever difficulties and hardships come their way. As long as I remember these kids’ smiles, I am more than happy to be struggling as long as it’s for them.
Yendy Cave Kids in Haiti

Kreyolicious: What do you hope to accomplish with Kids in Haiti in the next couple of years?

I hope God grants me the blessing of continuing to help them in any way I can. Whether it is for-end-of-the-year-parties, for health consultations and so on, I’ll be more than happy to help. I also hope to find more help so that the children can benefit from more. For example, being able to provide them clean sheets to sleep on, clean towels and so on). The more help I get, the more kids i can help. So, I sincerely hope to find many people willing to donate in order for more and more kids to receive all that I am able to plan and provide for them.

Thank you so much for this interview. I feel honored to be featured and hope that through this short reading, many will be sensitize and willing to contribute. Once again, this isn’t about me but all about the kids. Let’s do it for them and for Haiti.


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