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Clarens Renois, candidate for president

Clarens Renois

Clarens Renois, candidate for president under the banner of the party "National Union for the Integrity and Reconciliation" (UNIR), promised if elected, to bring into his government men and women, upright and honest with a vision focused on non-violence and reconciliation, to ensure political stability. "We want to bring a new vision in the management of public affairs. Transparency, honesty, good governance, efficiency, accountability are the foundations on which we will rule," said the candidate.

  1. He stressed that his political program focuses on reconciliation, advocating political stability that will produce security, a condition conducive to investment and economic growth.
  2. The candidate of UNIR intends gather around the same table, all political opponents in order-he says "enjoy their experiences in running the country."
  3. He also promises to invest in the agriculture sector in order to "boost" domestic production, relying on a public-private-farmer partnership: the State would put machines and fertilizer available to farmers, they will have credits at a low rate or zero rates and will encourage the consumption of local products.
  4. He intends combat corruption with the existing laws and institutions, according to him, reconciliation can combat corruption "We can not spend five more years in corruption, demagogy, drift and division. No, we do not need. This is the reason of this movement which aims to bring together all men and all women sincerely honest, deeply and completely upright and not corrupt, sensitive to the unity of the Haitian family for a national reconciliation."
  5. In terms of education he promises to revise the Universal Schooling Program Free and Compulsory (PSUGO), to eliminate loopholes in its implementation. Moreover, he believes that the governance of education must be led by experts in the Ministry of Education. "We will work to mentor young students so they can have confidence in themselves and in the country, so that they realize that they are the architects of the future of Haiti, they represent the future of the nation and as such, they must be prepared."
  6. At the social level the presidential candidate believes that hatred, violence, revenge speeches and the rejection of another, the division of speech and all other excesses, will only lock Haiti in an endless cycle of instability, which will impede the construction of a society that dreams of peace and harmony and promises to build a new country to "live together, equal and different."
  7. He recalled that the UNIR philosophy is deeply rooted in the values of democracy and those of the Republic: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. We advocate the separation of powers; the guarantee of a system of political accountability; we defend political pluralism, freedom of religion and worship and the independence of information in the media.
  8. At economic-diplomatic level, he intends rethink the Haitian-Dominican cooperation, deploring the imbalance in trade relations between the two countries.
  9. At the security level Clarens Renois is against the remobilization of the army in Haiti.

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