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A group of Haitian student in Medicine created a medical organizations in D.R.

Célula is a spanish name in french resulting cell that biologically we can define as the functional unit of all living ... Being.
When and how a cell she was born?
There is only one group of student in Medicine, which evolved here in the Dominican Republic (Santiago de los Caballeros) having very sure an ideology or a positive conception, this group of young after they have united for the noble idea carreser form a medical team, finding that it is a very good idea, took a decision Normally the farm to train this club 11 December 2013 christened the name 'Celula'.
Our mission is to work in the educational field asidument, specially in the health sector, which is our dear priest, Bring our contributions, our support and all our efforts to its full developement.
The club was founded Celule to promote ethical chretiennes, respect, values ​​and moral principles, promoting education, professionalism, probity and the intelectuelle promote health.
For the next Decenie Celule pretend to be one of the reference medical organizations both at the national echel has international echel in quality order for the impact of our work, disclosure of health knowledge and our achievements.
General objectives:
Our goals are many and great, all of our first objectives is to cooperate us, colaborate to unite in a common spirit and fellowship we have in the most noble and acceptable context of the term we are brothers and companions of studies.
We aim to inform and train us searching normally have the ability intelectuelle, scientific, technical and VOCATIONAL to react with moral and intellectual ideology in our profession.Nous steer carefully to contribute in the integral development of our dear nation and of the world.

Check out their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/C%C3%A9lula-229467217258492/timeline/

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