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Mrs. Haiti International 2017 On Beauty, Women Friendships And Her Crowning, Part II

Mrs. Haiti International
Kenicha Narcisse is the ultimate beauty pageant queen. She’s won the Miss Port-au-Prince International crown, and now she’s the reigning Mrs. Haiti International 2017. Her laurels are many, but what goes on in the mind of this beauty queen. Follow PART II of my conversation with her. Do CLICK HERE if you missed PART I.

Kreyolicious: What’s the best thing that’s happened to you since being crowned?
Wow, since I’ve been crowned Mrs. Haiti International 2017 the best thing that’s happened to me so far is being able to serve my community with my sister queen Miss Haiti International 2017 Esther Lande.

Kreyolicious: Life is about wisdom. You ever thought you were right about something, only to find out much later that you were the one in the wrong?
OMG, yes. I can’t really remember a specific situation but most of the times I’m the one who’s wrong. As for my husband, I seem to lose every time with him. [Laughs]

Mrs. Haiti International 2017
Above: Mrs. Haiti International 2017 with Miss Haiti 2017!

Kreyolicious: What books have transformed your life?
I love to read and enjoy reading but the book I would say that transformed my life would be I Am Malala. I’ve always been an open person and known to never back down. After I read I Am Malala, her story changed my life completely. I was already taking a stand for my platform child abuse and neglect but I still had shame in me and afraid of the questions that will be thrown at me. Malala stood for education and because of her voice, her passion and her rights she almost lost her life when she was shot on a bus. That did not stop her from fighting for what she believed in. She made me realized that I had a voice for a reason and it was to be a voice for the voiceless and no matter what circumstances that comes my way don’t ever stop fighting. We all have the power to take a stand for something and I choose to use my voice for child Abuse and neglect victims and survivors.

Kreyolicious: You been to Haiti lately?
The last time I went to Haiti it was June 2014 and I have not been to Haiti yet after that trip. This December I will be in Haiti to educate my community the differences between “Abuse” and “Discipline” and as well bring school supplies to The Bridge of Children and Source of Life Foundation organizations

Kreyolicious: What’s next for you as Mrs. Haiti International?
I am looking forward to representing Haiti this year at nationals in Charleston, West Virginia and looking forward to being the first youngest Haitian woman to bring the the Mrs International 2017 home for Haiti and for my brothers and sisters who are victims and survivors of abuse. Everything is really in God’s hands, I will do my part of the job and wherever he places me I will be more blessed and happy with his decisions.

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