So today is February 13, 2016…on this day 20 years ago, Columbia Records released The Score by The Fugees, featuring Lauren Hill, Pras and Wyclef Jean, heralding a tide of Haitian-American and Haitian pride. Came across this really interesting quote from Edwidge Danticat about Wyclef in an article archives. She told New York Times reporter Garry Pierre-Pierre the following: “Haitian identity will always be thought of as before and after Wyclef.”

This article was published in 1998, two years after The Score was released, and less than a year after Wyclef’s solo album The Carnival dropped.

So, while looking for some archival footage of him during those days, I came across this video of a performance in Haiti.

This video is so amazing to me. Check him out at the 0.32 mark.

And check out this video of Wyclef in an interview with Haitian media during a 1997 trip he and the other Fugees members took to Haiti. And look at Lauryn at the beginning of the video with her natural hair twists. To think that this was filmed in the 1990s. Natural hair pioneer.

Wyclef is such a trip.

And The Fugees went on an adventure it seems doing this music video for “Fugee La”. Check it out.

And a vintage cover of the group in Vibe magazine.



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