Miss Haiti 2016 Pageant Is Down To These Twelve Contestants

So, the Miss Haiti 2016 pageant is running along smoothly. There were about 20 contestants, and the number has dwindled to just twelve of these ladies.

Miss Haiti 2016 down to 12 contestants

They were judged based on the following criteria: attitude, discipline, respect, and intelligence.

Miss Haiti 2016 12 finalists pageant 2016

These are the names of the twelve finalists: Sarah Charles, Kensley Derosier, Cassandre Joseph, Raquel Pelissier, Ganaelle Toussaint, Rose Armelle Williams, Marcella Beauvil, Rose Olga Belizaire, Danourah Bien-Aime, Edith Elbrena, Dorothy Jean, and Suzanna Sampeur.

Miss Haiti 2016 12 finalists

One of the ladies during the swimsuit competition.

Miss Haiti 2016 12 finalists pageant

The ladies grinning ear to ear during the telecast of this round of finalists.

So, who will be Miss Haiti? Stay tuned. This is your girl Kreyolicious signing off. CLICK HERE to read the first article covering this year’s contestants!

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