Hey Techies, Get Ready for Miami Caribbean Code

The Miami Caribbean Code is coming to Miami
If you’re an entrepreneur, hacker, or consider yourself a techie of any sort, you should make it a point to attend the Miami Caribbean Code, a regional tech summit taking place June 24 in the Miami Design District. Think about it: you’ll have the chance to check out the stunning city of Miami and surrounding areas (say…Little Haiti, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach), while mingling and networking with business-minded folks.

Check out my interview with Haitian-American entrepreneur Eveline Pierre, one of the co-founders of the event!

Kreyolicious: What made you launch Miami Caribbean Code?
We launched Miami Caribbean Code as we believe the Caribbean and Miami should be cross regional partners and that the technology sector is the best creator of innovation and wealth.
The Miami Caribbean Code is coming to Miami
Kreyolicious: Why Miami of all cities?
Miami’s strategic geographic position, has led to it’s title: “Gateway of the Americas”, which includes the Caribbean. In addition, Miami’s demographics has the largest amount of Caribbean nationals and 50% of all households in the State of Florida are headed by a Caribbean national. So, the Caribbean Market is here in South Florida, and the emerging region has great potential for innovation, entrepreneurship and growth.

Kreyolicious: Why do you think technology and technology use is growing so fast in regions of the Caribbean?
Today, technology is affecting every sector of the economy. As an emerging region, the Caribbean has its own unique opportunities to implement technology and innovation that can help foster diversified economic growth in the region. In addition, as other countries experience exponential advancements in technology, there is the urgency within the Caribbean to address the growing digital divide that can impact the regions competitiveness. Technology is now the paintbrush that is changing our society today. In this context, technology is more of a socio-economic tool that can empower the Caribbean community to propel it’s business sectors by becoming producers of innovation rather than just consumers. Technology is providing accessibility to the Caribbean Community to become a stakeholders in it’s economic well being, locally and regionally.
The Miami Caribbean Code is coming to Miami
Kreyolicious: Moving forward, do you see Miami Caribbean Code Week having editions in other parts of the Caribbean?
We are planning some announcements during the conference and we definitely believe in cross- border partnerships in the Caribbean region.

Kreyolicious: How can attendees expect to benefit from the conference?
The attendees can expect to gain valuable insights on what the market needs of the region are, and how Tech can facilitate new business opportunities and solutions in the market. Attendees will also benefit from the networking opportunity that can lead to potential regional collaborations.

Check out a snippet from a previous edition in the video below…

Miami Caribbean Code Regional Tech Summit (MC2) from Eveline Pierre on Vimeo.

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