Former Miss Haiti Universe Sarodj Bertin On Her Foundation & Making Her U.S. Market Film Debut

Sarodj Durocher Bertin is one of this present century's overachievers. She is a glamorous lady. She has her own establishment Sarodj for a Purpose. She is a schedule young lady, most as of late posturing for the 2013 release for what has turned into a yearly treat for her fans, the Sarodj Bertin I Love Haiti logbook. The Port-au-Prince-conceived giver figured out how to raise $60,000 from the offers of the last version. Bertin is arranging a professional school to show adolescent Haitian exchanges, notwithstanding building a shelter. 

Furthermore let us not overlook the way that she got tapped by cosmetics mark the Maite Makeup Company to be one of the diplomats of their image. What's more now, Bertin is going in filmdom. She awhile ago featured in executive Angelo Rizzo's film The Voodoo's List, yet is presently going for the U.s. film business, making her introduction in that market in the Richard Widmack Belot film Everybody Cheats. The film delivered by Nirva Balan and Even Flow, likewise stars Benz Antoine, alongside an assembly of other capable actors.

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