Entrepreneur Debuts Bonjou from Lulu Haitian Creole Greeting Cards Collection, Part II

Haitian Creole greeting cards Bonjou from Lulu entrepreneur
Florida-based entrepreneur Lucy Dorlus has launched Bonjou from Lulu, a Haitian Creole greetings card company. Like many other entrepreneurial ventures, it has its challenges. If you missed PART I of the interview, CLICK HERE.

Kreyolicious: How has becoming an entrepreneur changed you?
I am a single mother, full-time school counselor, a part-time adjunct professor and a business owner. Becoming an entrepreneur has taught me a lot about balance. Juggling all four jobs is not easy but I make it work. I have learned that dedication, passion and hard work is key to running a business. I do not have prior business experience other than working as a Vice President for a nonprofit organization for five years, but what I do have is people skills. I love people and believe that my people skills along with networking and marketing will be the driving force of my business. I am still learning how to run a successful business and I embrace all the trial and errors.

Kreyolicious: Any pearls of wisdom for those wanting to start their own businesses?
Go for it! Just do it! Trust the process and surround yourself around people who support you. I am fortunate to have an incredible support team. They make better and continue to encourage to work harder. Most importantly, be diligent, work hard and be patient, trust the process.Haitian Creole Greeting cards Bonjou from Lulu greeting cards

Kreyolicious: You been to Haiti?
Yes. I have been fortunate to travel to Haiti twice. I love it there, and I encourage everyone to visit Haiti to experience its rich culture and history.

Kreyolicious: And are your cards available for sale there?
My cards are not sold in Haiti, yet. However, I am working with a contact in Haiti and I hope to sell my cards there in the near future.Haitian-American Entrepreneur Debuts Haitian Creole Greeting Cards Collection
Kreyolicious: Do you think that your educational background has helped you?
Absolutely! I believe my educational background has helped me develop a strong work ethic which is important when staring any entrepreneurial endeavor. It has helped me understand the value of creating goals and working hard in order to successful.

Kreyolicious: Your brand is thriving. What’s next for it?
I want Bonjou from Lulu to expand beyond South Florida. I hope to see my cards in my local supermarkets and drug stores where there is a high population of Haitian Creole speakers.

CLICK HERE to visit Lucy Dorlus’ Bonjou from Lulu page, and to order her Haitian Creole greeting cards!

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