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How Genevieve Angelique Gave Black Boston A Platform with Boston Come Through

When frustration is released the proper way, and dealt with in a constructive manner, it can actually lead to great things! Fashionista Genevieve Angelique noticed that there wasn’t a platform for people of color in the Boston area to stay abridge of events and discuss events that affected him, so she created Lagos Days, Paris Nights, a blog. The blog gave way to Boston Come Through, a popular podcast she hosts with her creative-partner-in-crime Crystal Chandler.
Boston Come Through Genevieve Angelique blogger
We’ve already had a discussion about what goes on behind the scenes of the blog. So, let’s touch upon her heritage as a Haitian-American and her vision for herself as a blogger and podcast entrepreneur!

Kreyolicious: To start, let’s talk about your experience growing as a Haitian-American. We tend to have some things in common, not all.
Growing up Haitian-American was the most interesting experience because I navigated the world with two identities. I was a Haitian who was too American, but an American who was too Haitian. I also came up during a time when you were persecuted for being Haitian. So in school, I was often bullied because of my heritage. But I would never give up being Haitian for anything! We are the most resilient, hardest working and definitely the most resourceful people walking this earth!

Kreyolicious: You ever been to Haiti?
Genevieve Angelique: Sadly, no! But the plan is to go this year for my birthday! It’s my Jesus year (I’m turning 33), and I’m going home for the first time.
Boston Come Through Genevieve Angelique blogging
Kreyolicious: What advice would you give to a blogger who’s one year into the game but hasn’t seen any tangible results?
Genevieve Angelique: I would first have to inquire about what do they define as results. People ask me all the time about being a blogger, and I always ask, “What’s the motive?” Yes, it looks fun. Yes, it can make you money and yes, the attention is nice – but believe me, this is hard work! It’s not just about taking nice photos – but what kind of blogger are you (fashion, lifestyle, travel, etc)? Who is your target market? Do you write well? Have you educated yourself about social media algorithms, and most importantly, are you planning on being consistent? I would start there, and try to figure out what’s not working.

Kreyolicious: Where do you envision your brand heading?
Genevieve Angelique: I see Boston Come Through becoming the hub of Black Boston and perhaps beyond. I look to brands like I Don’t Do Clubs as a blueprint to extending to other cities and throwing events as well. Considering Boston Come Through is also a radio/podcast there’s also opportunities for revenue through advertising and sponsorships, so Crystal and I are steadily building our platform in anticipation of that. Honestly, the sky’s the limit and I’m open to what God ordains for me!

This concludes PART II of the interview with Genevieve Angelique.

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Mayor free after shooting at bus, injuring young passenger

PORT-DE-PAIX, Nord-Ouest, HT (sentinel.ht) – Although accused of having personally and indiscriminately opening gun fire at a bus in Basin Bleu, with a bullet hitting and injuring a young passenger, the Mayor of Port-de-Paix, Josué Alusma, managed to obtain his freedom from the clutches of justice on Friday by the decision of Judge Vinx Étienne.

With the support from his counterparts from the National Federation of Mayors (FENAM), led by the Mayor of Carrefour, Jude Edouard Pierre, sources say Mayor Alusma managed to forge some cordialities with lawyer, Beethoven Noel, who was to be representing the victim of the gunshots.

In full disregard of the criminal nature of the charges, the resulting “arbitration” ultimately resulted in Attorney Noel withdrawing his client’s “complaint” and the victim not responding to the convocations of the judge.

One million gourdes ($16,700 [USD]) would have been paid to the moving party and another two million gourdes ($33,400 [USD]), to undisclosed parties would be disbursed by Mr. Alusma ahead of his release. The daily newspaper Le National, headquartered in Pétion-Ville, in contact with its sources release this information.

Negotiations with the owner of the Papayo bus company seem to have also succeeded, as there is some evidence to suggest that this proprietor has aligned himself with the same position as Attorney Noel, not appearing at the summons of the investigating Judge Étienne.

Information regarding this criminal case remained minimal and of seemingly of lesser priority among justice officials, according to news reports Monday morning.

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