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  1. Jeannet Pierre
  2. Haiti politics
  3. Tuesday, 31 March 2020
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The Haitian state has placed an order for more than $ 18 million for the acquisition of hospital equipment in accordance with the MSPP coronavirus response preparation plan from the Bowang Co. Ltd. / ChinaXu Xiao firm, said the Prime Minister. Joseph Jouthe in the newspaper, Saturday March 28, 2020.

The order, the first of more than $ 27 million, is expected to arrive in Haiti by air around April 10, Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe continued between two meetings with officials from a private business association.

The order for 18 million, made on the recommendation of the scientific committee, is a choice according to urgent needs, explained Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe. "I am looking for cheaper air transport, under a million dollars for these 493 tonnes of hospital equipment," said the head of government.

 The first order in question includes 2.5 million medical gloves (nitrile), 300,000 sterilized gowns, 10 automatic biochemistry analyzers, 100 respirators and accessories, 1,500 hospital beds, 500 infusion pump units, 200,000 masks KN 95, 1.5 million disposable surgical masks, 250,000 personal protective equipment (glasses, visors and shoes).

 This equipment totals 18,669,500 US dollars, can be read in the document consulted by the newspaper. The cost for each respirator and accessories is $ 10,100. The biochemical analyzer costs $ 14,100.

"Other orders can be placed as needed. According to scientists' forecasts, within 15 days we could have a lot of problems, which I don't want. These are scientists who have experience. We have to take everything they tell us seriously. You have to be better prepared instead of missing something, "Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe told the newspaper.

"I am in discussion with an industrialist, Mr. Baker, for the manufacture of mufflers in Haiti," said Joseph Jouthe, who emphasizes that from next week, we will ask everyone to wear hide in the country.

Asked by the newspaper last Wednesday about the concerns of healthcare workers not to have the equipment to protect themselves against the risk of contracting the Covid-19, Prime Minister Joseph Jouthe had reassured staff members. "For the nursing staff, we have a quantity of equipment and materials on site, but a small stock is on order, because we had to select our list of needs for lack of money," replied the Prime Minister via text to newspaper Wednesday.

This Saturday, USAID announced $ 2.2 million in aid to Haiti. “The partnership between the US and Haiti continues with initial aid of $ 2.2 million to fight Covid-19: water and sanitation services, prevention and control of Covid-19 cases, strengthening of laboratories and even more ”, we read in this tweet from the US Embassy in Haiti.

This week, the government announced it will get $ 50 million from the IDB to deal with the Covid-19. The IDB has made decommitments on ongoing projects to mobilize these resources. Also this week, the Minister of Public Health and Population received buckets and soap from Unicef, which also donated soaps and disinfectants to the 754 children's homes listed by the IBESR. Unicef ​​also helps in the awareness campaign carried out by Jean Jean Roosevelt.

On her twitter account, Anna Lipchitz, director of the French Development Agency in Haiti, indicated that partners in the field (EMI / SOE) are working in health structures, in coordination with the MSPP in the North West, the Sud and Grand-Anse, in particular in the emergency department of the Immaculate Conception Hospital in Les Cayes, St-Antoine Hospital in Jérémie. As part of the responses to Covid-19 in Haiti, with funding from @AFD France, EMI / SOE are on the ground for the delivery of equipment, for training, the construction of sorting space, the installation of solar panels and transporting the sample to the national laboratory @ambafranceht, she tweeted.

Donations of medical supplies and equipment should be made payable to the Ministry of Public Health and Population. For active non-governmental organizations, they will be able to carry out imports of medical material and equipment outside the annual import plans already submitted to the MPCE, framed President Jovenel Moïse during an address to the nation on Friday.

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