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HaitianHollywood.com's social media website is gained popularity and it is dominating Haitian social media via mobile devices and browsers. This social media site encourages the artist to promote their crafts, allow the journalist to write and post their creative writing, and allow users to earn income with google Adsense app in their profile.


Activity Stream:  Highlights brand new status updates, profile pictures, upcoming events, photos, videos or audio uploads, interactive polls and much more.

Choose from 6 pre-defined emotions which includes LikeHappyLoveAngryWow, and Sad on every post.

Curated Stream Filters New Users can now easily search through the activity streams with the stream filters based on the different conditions and post types.

Story Form: It also allows user to pick their favorite post types for quicker access.

Interactive Polls: Create and post questions that allows your friends and followers to cast their votes.

#Hashtags & @Mentions: #Hashtags help users to search for the latest trend on social media or topics that are being actively discussed. You have to option to alert your friends by mentioning their @names.

Repost: Allows user to quickly share any story updates to all of their friends or followers. It'll also reference the original user of the post.

Tags: User can tag a person whose post might be of their interest and it will also notify them after being tagged.

Achievements & Badges: Users can achieve reward badges and showcase their achievements right from their profile page, and earn even more badges if they fulfill a set of requirements.

Files Sharing: Attach documents, PDF files, image files, video or audio files and zip files effortlessly.

Real Time Messaging: Get message updates from your friends and peers almost instantly


Groups: Empowering similar interest groups by collaborating over discussions, organizing events, and numerous other activities such has polls, rich media uploads, files sharing and much more.


Events: Organize exclusive events for the members of the group and they can choose to accept or decline the invitation.

Discussions: An avenue for members to discuss and share constructive ideas which can be used as opportunities to further enhance group activities.

Rich Media Uploads: Share amazing audio tracks, videos, or even photos only to the members of the group.
Upload or Embed Away From YouTube, Twitch, Vimeo, DailyMotion, MTV, Smule, LiveLeak, Metacafe and much more.

Files Sharing:
Share files and collaborate within the page, giving access to followers to contribute their part.

Polls: Create polls with multiple votes to hear out what people have to say on a particular matter.

Points System: Users are able to gain or lose points whenever specific actions are performed on the site.

Conversations Engage: in private conversations with newly acquainted friends or involve in group chats. Get notified immediately when new messages arrive in your inbox.


Pages:  A place for people to get connected with your business. Suitable for any startups or businesses within the community to interact with their customers.

Photo Albums:
Share and celebrate every picturesque moment or even the funniest GIF on the internet.

Bulk Action: New Users can now conveniently mass or selectively delete photos in any album with just a few clicks away.

My Favorite Albums: Bookmark your favorite albums and it can be easily found in Photos under My Favorite Album tab.

Featured Photos: Featured photos are enlarged when viewed in album view and it also appears larger on the sidebar as well.

Categories Sorting: Users can now categorize all video uploads or embedded videos, so it can be easily searched on EasySocial.

Audio Share: your favorite tracks or remixes. Play and discover new artists, and create the perfect playlist within your community!

Audio Playlists: Create multiple personalized playlists and share it within your community for all occasions.

Mobile Ready

Fully responsive, toolbar and navigation that were revamped and redesigned to allow less obstructive view of the site, specially curated for users who are constantly on-the-go.


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