Saturday, June 29, 116 migrants from Haiti (men, women and children of different ages),

Haiti News FLASH: Haitians in Mexico, refusing to be deported

Saturday, June 29, 116 migrants from Haiti (men, women and children of different ages), were driven by bus from the Siglo XXI migratory station to Tapachula airport in the State of Chiapas (South of Mexico to the Guatemalan border) to be deported to Haiti.

In the Boeing 727 of the federal police to bring them back to Haiti, about thirty Haitians mutinied before take-off, refusing to be deported, believing that their physical integrity was threatened upon their return to Haiti. It should be noted that the Mexican migration authorities ruled after studying the migrants' files that all Haitian passengers on this flight was not qualified for asylum in Mexico and refugee status.

After the intervention of the police, 35 Haitians involved in this mutiny were disembarked for security reasons.

A few hours later, after technical and security considerations of the Captain were taken into account, the National Institute of Migration (MNI) announced that the remaining 81 passengers had left Mexico for Haiti "The The return of foreigners was carried out in strict respect of human rights, in agreement with the authorities of the Haitian government, in accordance with the rules and procedures in force on the subject of migration," said the INM in a note.

The assisted return of these 81 Haitians took place as part of a joint operation between the MNI and the National Guard. Note that in the context of the protocol of transfer and protection of foreigners the Civil Protection and "Grupo Beta" a Mexican organization of protection of the migrants participated in this operation.