The tears of Solages echo the claims of Désiré, 15 years old. This girl asks the company to make a gesture.

"Nou bouke", cries of distress, rage, and anger at insecurity and rape at female students

Used bandana screwed on the head, Pascale Solages collapses in tears before being hugged by a friend. The young woman, at the forefront of a march gathering more than a thousand participants, tries not without difficulty, to deliver one of the speeches of the occasion. "Today we walk with our children, our friends, our colleagues, our students, our workers, our mothers to denounce sexual violence, impunity and insecurity. Nobody is spared. We are fed up. For those who can not, today we come to walk, we come to denounce, we come to cry, "she grows, before tears come to strip her face.

The tears of Solages echo the claims of Desire, 15 years old. This girl asks the company to make a gesture. "Rape is intolerable. We must punish the authors and ban this practice in society, "she demands, holding the hand of her little sister.

This Sunday, students, teenagers, academics, politicians, human rights defenders and lambdas citizens were on the tarmac to say no to the insecurity and the rapes orchestrated on female students. "We must stop the" kadejakè (rapists) and lock them up "," Ladies do what you want with your bodies without worrying "," Nou bouke "," Pa f silans "," Pi bèl kado manman yo jistis " are among others the slogans that were flanked on the t-shirt or chanted by the crowd on avenues Jean Paul II and Lamartinière. In the concert of the demands, the demonstrators also had a thought for the inhabitants of La Saline, and Carrefour-Feuilles victims of the barbarity of armed bandits.

This peaceful march was convened after no less than 3 students complained of being sexually assaulted by returning from classes.

Johnson Deshommes, co-author of the first text denouncing cases of rape on 2 students of Quisqueya University, believes that no one should say no to cases of rape and sexual assault. "I'm happy with the response from the public who say no to insecurity and sexual violence. It is imperative that society react to avoid the worst, otherwise we do not know who will be on the list of next victims, "said Deshommes, urging the judicial authorities to show more firmness and put an end to impunity.

Nice Simon, a former student of Quisqueya University, a practicing mayor who sadly became a figure of women undergoing domestic violence, was also present at the march. "I want to say to those who have denounced these packages that I am proud of them. To denounce is to say that we do not agree. This allows victims to find their place in society, "said Nice Simon. The mayor of Tabarre invites the justice to assume its responsibilities in order to repair the damage done to the victims.

A human rights activist, mother of a young university student, Colette Lespinasse also took part in the march. According to her, this Sunday's gathering is a citizen gesture to denounce what is happening in the country. "We want to make us believe that Haiti is a country of violence. Therefore it normal to orchestrate violence on women, young academics, those who live in working-class neighborhoods, etc. This is unacceptable. And that's why I come to walk today, "said the activist. Colette Lespinasse believes that it is necessary to educate differently young boys, journalists, artists and so on. to discourage rape and promote new values.