Demanding that changes be made in the new ministerial cabinet, the opponents plan, if nothing is done

MPs want to ratify Lapin's policy statement.

After the two sessions disrupted in the Senate of the Republic by the opposition senators, the eyes are now fixed on the Chamber of Deputies where a strong majority of pro-government elected representatives want to meet what seems a challenge, namely: ratify the declaration Prime Minister Jean Michel Lapin's Policy Brief.

But already, the attitude of the deputies opposed to the formation of the ministerial cabinet suggests that all will not happen as a letter to the post office, during the ratification session for which no date is still retained in the lower house .

In fact, in a recent correspondence to Gary Bodeau, 13 MPs disapprove of the reappointment of about fifteen ministers who are part of the government sitting.

Demanding that changes be made in the new ministerial cabinet, the opponents plan, if nothing is done, to use all legal means to prevent the violation of the Constitution and the laws of the Republic.

Even if they do not say it, opposition members could, without bothering with protocol, play the spoilsport during the ratification session of Mr. Rabin's policy statement.

Moreover, the disruption of parliamentary meetings by unconventional methods is characteristic of the minority.

The controversy and division between those close to power and the anti-government paralyze the normal functioning of the country, as the insecurity raging in certain areas.

Because the country is not yet endowed with a legitimate government and a national budget is not yet voted, the international community is reluctant to disburse funds for Haiti, alluding to the blocking concessionary loan of $ 229 million from the IMF.

While the dollar is appreciating at an exponential rate, the political players seem not to make much of it.

Purchasing power is falling more and more, companies that are unable to survive, cut back or close their doors completely ...

Everything happens as if nothing had happened. Some wonder if decision-makers live on another planet!