Former Senator Anacacis Jean Hector and the leader of the Civil Society Initiative (SAI), Rosny Desroches

Jovenel Moise forms a consensus government

Government allies, leaders of civil society and moderate opposition say that the head of state, Jovenel Moise, has worked hard to form a consensus government.

Former Senator Anacacis Jean Hector and the leader of the Civil Society Initiative (SAI), Rosny Desroches, note the integration of opposition leaders into the cabinet.

The personalities had been designated by the leaders of the political parties during the consultations of the head of state for the formation of the government.

Three members of the People's Struggle Organization are joining the government. Mr. Pierre Michel Lafontant, Minister of Agriculture, is a member of the coordination and former delegate of the OPL in Jacmel; Hervé Saintilus, Secretary of State for Literacy, is the departmental coordinator of the West of the OPL; and Lucman Delile, Secretary of State for Public Security, is the coordinator of the OPL at Carrefour.

Ms. Marjorie Lorvil Léonard, Minister of Youth and Sports is a member of Lapè.

Ms. Marie Ghiselaine Monpremier, Minister for the Status of Women and Women's Rights, is a member of the Fusion.

Mr. Audin Bernadel, Minister of the Interior and Territorial Communities, is a member of Tèt ansanm. He has been campaign leader of Jude Célestin during the last two presidential elections.

Mr. Jonas Coffy, Minister of Trade and Industry, is the Ayisyen party leader for Ayiti. The former MP participated in the negotiations within the group of 8 political parties.

Mr. Phélito Doran, Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, is a former member of Fanmi Lavalas. The former deputy from Pétion Ville had also held the position of Minister in charge of relations with Parliament.

Petrus Justin, Minister of the Environment is a member of the political platform Truth, branch of Joanas Gué.

Several personalities who had demanded the resignation of President Moïse agree to integrate the government of consensus under the leadership of Jean Michel Lapin.

However, several party leaders denounced their member's participation in the government as not the result of a consensus between the head of state and the opposition.

The reappointed ministers are representatives of the PHTK party and the majority blocs in Parliament.