Former Prime Minister Ceant claims that he had received two calls from Arnel Joseph

Ceant and a policeman had exchanges with Arnel

Former Haitian Prime Minister Jean Henri Ceant and police officer Vladimir Jean Louis, a member of the close security of former President Michel Martelly, had telephone conversations with gang leader Arnel Joseph.

The information was revealed by the Senate Committee Justice and Security this morday 30 April 2019.

These are new revelations obtained from a survey of phone calls from the village gang leader of God who found refuge in the rural section of Poste Pierrot in the commune of Marchand Dessalines.

As part of their investigation, the members of the commission met with the persons concerned in order to take into account their versions of the facts.

Former Prime Minister Ceant claims that he had received two calls from Arnel Joseph. He had asked for financial support to pursue a road infrastructure project in his region. Mr. Ceant assures that he had not received the calls when he discovered that it was indeed the individual wanted by the judicial and police authorities.

Mr. Ceant provided explanations on the contents of his exchanges considered fortuitous with the boss of the village of God. He revealed that Arnel had sent a correspondence to Primarure as part of the project in question.

With regard to the police officer Vladimir Jean Louis he confirmed to have had several telephone conversations with Mr. Joseph. He justifies his behavior by explaining that he can talk to any citizen.

The former President Martelly confirmed to the members of the commission that Mr. Jean Louis is a member of his close security.

Commission Chair Jean Renel Senatus failed to reveal the other names in Arnel Joseph's more than 500-page telephone document over a 45-day period.

The commission is expected to submit its report to the Senate office this morning, April 30, 2019.