Recall that in a Decree dated Monday, October 8, 2018 in the official newspaper Le Moniteur

Haiti News Economy: Reginald Boulos proposes an increase of the minimum wage

The respected Haitian businessman Reginald Boulos, President of the Societe immobiliere et financiere S.A. former representative resigning from the employers' council sitting on the Superior Council of Wages (2013-2015) and engaged citizen, proposes an increase of the minimum wage.

Recall that in a Decree dated Monday, October 8, 2018 in the official newspaper Le Moniteur, the Government had revised upward the minimum wage Gourdes per working day of 8 hours.

He underline in a note that from October 2018 to February 2019, the cost of living has increased in a context of rampant inflation and the tumble of the Gourde. Only 4 months after the new fiscal year 2018-2019, food prices have increased by more than 7% and the Gourde has meanwhile lost more than 20% of its value against the US dollar (more than 80 gourdes for US $ 1). Lastly, he recalled that section 137 of the Labor Code required that the minimum wage be periodically adjusted according to changes in the cost of living.

Proposal of Reginald Boulos :
"I propose an upward revision of the minimum wage. This increase would basically be an adjustment of purchasing power. Leading is planning. Knowing that in the last four months, food prices have increased cumulatively by 7.3%, a 10% increase in the minimum wage of employees in different categories would allow them to keep their purchasing power and to have a margin above the growth of the level of food inflation.

Below the current salary (since 2018) and the new salaries proposed :

Segment A) Business growing and relatively stable:
Current salary 500 Gourdes proposal: 550 Gourdes

Segment B) Business getting out of business:
Current salary 400 Gourdes proposal: 440 Gourdes

Segment C) Exposed and Highly Vulnerable Companies
Current salary 350 Gourdes proposal: 385 Gourdes

Segment D) Domestic Staff
Current salary 215 Gourdes proposal: 237 Gourdes

Segment E) Enterprises making re-export
Current salary 420 Gourdes proposal: 462 Gourdes

Segment F) Petroleum Distribution Companies and Security Agency
Current salary 400 Gourdes proposal: 440 Gourdes

In the name of equity and in the name of these tens of thousands of workers, I call on the Government and the employers to act with intelligence and speed for the political stability and the economic progress of our country."