I do not come with the pretense of doing miracles. I come to pursue what is relevant and improve

Haiti Politic News: Towards a major change in Haitian diplomacy

 A career diplomat, Haiti's former ambassador to London, Bocchit Edmond, Haiti's new Minister of Foreign Affairs, took the reins of the Haitian Chancellery on September 18 and intends to use his skills and experiences to change the way to see and do things internationally, to adapt Haitian diplomacy to the reality of today and make it more profitable for Haiti, explaining "[...] Despite the reform initiated by my predecessor, the observation observed shows a provision of Human Resources often poorly managed and unexploited [...]

I do not come with the pretense of doing miracles. I come to pursue what is relevant and improve what needs to be improved [...]

[...] I believe as a vision that diplomacy must be a diplomacy of meaning, that is to say, a diplomacy seen, conceived and articulated to help the country in strengthening its institutions, in promoting, safeguarding Haitian interests, the maintenance, the defense, and the protection of the dignity of the Haitian people. This is the classic role of Consular and Diplomatic Missions. But beyond the doctrine, we must go further by making diplomatic action more beneficial, according to a closer anthropological approach, of the human development of the population of Haiti. Because Haiti has the lowest human development index in the Caribbean region[...]

I plead for a diplomacy of dividends that can take into account the development stakes of Haiti [...] For this, diplomatic action must take into account the needs of the country and specific challenges related to the conditions of the size of our geopolitical, climatic and economic development.

[...] my objective is to put the means of action through the rationalization of our services, using all available skills, in order to work for the economic growth of the country. [...] increase foreign direct investment flows [...] to diversify Haiti's cooperation partners; multiply the number of bilateral and tripartite cooperation agreements; increase the area of ​​technical assistance to Haiti and the number of assistance; strengthen our relations with our allies; improve the image of Haiti; to make Haiti present in international meetings; advocate for the respect of the principles of protection of human rights; to work towards the ratification of the outstanding international agreements and to continue to ensure our presence in regional and continental organizations so that Haiti remains a decisive and indispensable voice in discussions on security, trade and climate."