Since the resignation of former Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant

Haiti Politic News: The Deputy Jerry Tardieu takes a critical look at the new cabinet

Questioned by the perception that Haiti is today comparable to a barrel of powder likely to explode at any moment, preoccupied by the collapse of the socio-economic situation and by the political crisis which points on the horizon, the Deputy of Pétion-ville Jerry Tardieu, in a note takes a critical look at the new cabinet

"Since the resignation of former Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant, the latter has been running current affairs in a puzzling opacity, since he is not subject to any parliamentary control, since the resigning government does not have its entries in parliament. We are in a state of unconstitutionality for more than 57 days. Indeed, since the citizen Jean-Henry Céant had been appointed Prime Minister, the resigned head of government should have withdrawn immediately leaving the President of the Republic free to install his Prime Minister named [...]

I regret that the list of Ministers of the Giant Government includes 1/3 of those of the Government Lafontant In its present form, the composition of such a Government is not suitable for parliamentarians like me who have fought a battle to replace an incompetent Government...

I also regret that this new Government includes several ministers who have serious suspicions regarding their eligibility for these positions. One of them was forced to withdraw because of dual nationality.

[...] it is well known that the Prime Minister named Jean-Henry Céant had no leeway to participate, if only slightly, in the formation of this Government [...] How can one hope for a governmental cohesion of this heterogeneous patchwork of ministers with disparate and diverse allegiances ?

In view of the dangers threatening stability and peace in Haiti, I appeal to the patriotic spirit of all the parties concerned [...] First, to the few parliamentarians of the majority (less than twenty and always the same) so that they stop putting pressure to impose men on the Ministry of Planning or any other position. Such an irresponsible attitude contributes to demolishing the little credibility left in parliament and digging the grave of an institution yet so important to our democracy [...]

I also recommend that the Executive reconsider the formation of the Government as soon as possible, leaving the designated Prime Minister free to choose leading figures who can inspire confidence in society and give the government a serious image. This indiscriminate insistence on imposing personalities stamped PHTK, even when they are competent, is contrary to the wishes of the living forces of the nation who had opted for the establishment of a government of openness that soothes and builds confidence. It proves that President Jovenel Moïse has still not taken the right measure of the events of July 6 and 7, 2018, does not understand the stakes of the hour and even less the risks for tomorrow.

To the Prime Minister named Céant, I hope that he has the courage to resign if he can not have the free hand, that is to say the freedom to choose credible and competent personalities to form a Government capable of providing solutions immediate [...]"