The Senate Committee in charge of analyzing the documents of the Prime Minister

Zapping Haiti News: PM : Threat of resignation dismissed

PM : Threat of resignation dismissed
Appointed Prime Minister who threatened Sunday to resign and President Jovenel Moïse have agreed, Jean Henry Céant, the resigning Minister of Planning will not be renewed as some deputies demanded in return for their ratification votes.

Irregularities in tax Quitus
The Senate Committee in charge of analyzing the documents of the Prime Minister named Jean Henry Céant and those of all the members of the new ministerial cabinet notes irregularities in the documents relating to the certificates of final tax declaration (quitus fiscal) of the latter.

Legal assistance, bill ratified
On Monday, Gary Bodeau, President of the Chamber of Deputies, confirmed that the deputies had voted at second reading on the Senate's amendments to the draft law on legal assistance and prolonged preventive detention in Haiti. This text is ready to be sent to the Executive for publication and promulgation in the official journal "Le Moniteur"

Hurricane Isaac becomes a tropical storm
Monday night Hurricane Isaac Category 1 was downgraded to a tropical storm with sustained winds of 110 km / h. Located 1,550 km east of the Lesser Antilles, it moves at 26km / h towards West. This tropical storm of small dimension makes its evolution capricious, it could again strengthen in the next 24h to 48h and become a hurricane category 1. Isaac could reach the South of Haiti at the end of this week if its trajectory does not change. 

Canteen : France supports 3 schools
3 Cité-Soleil schools have benefited from France's support for the National School Canteen Program (PNCS). These schools received 25 tons of local food (ground corn, beans and rice) to feed more than 2,000 students

U20 womenn gift of President Moïse
At the request of President Jovenel Moïse, the 28 players of the U-20 women's football team and their families will be covered by insurance.