Many were those who paid tribute to her, all of whom spoke of the natural benevolence of this great patriot and socio-political activist

Haiti Social News: Funeral of Claire François Duvignaud

 On Saturday, many political authorities, personalities, relatives, colleagues and friends gathered at the St James Catholic Church in North Miami for the funeral of Claire François Duvignaud (born August 4, 1970 in Marchand Dessalines), an emeritus activist who devoted a large part of his life to the emancipation of Haitian women in Haiti.

Many were those who paid tribute to her, all of whom spoke of the natural benevolence of this great patriot and socio-political activist, who placed at the service of others to promote a socially inclusive and inclusive society.

In his eulogy of sadness and emotion, ONA's Director General, Mr. Chesnel Pierre did not fail to greet and honor the memory of his friend and collaborator at ONA Fanm who was his Deputy Director, declaring in front of the smiling image of the deceased, exposed near the coffin "Claire had the solidity of the oak and the flexibility of the reed... So, the sorrow of having lost her will not forget the happiness of having known her. Concluding "Far from our eyes, but always in our hearts. We love you forever, Claire."

The death of Claire François Duvignaud also deeply affects the members of "Fanm Yo La" who offer their condolences to her family, including her two sons, Jamar and Julian Duvignaud, and her spouse Jacques Duvignaud. Natacha Clergé, General Coordinator of "Fanm Yo La" said "We keep of Claire Duvignaud the memory of a woman who fought against the exclusion of women from the sphere of power and who has committed herself to the political life of his country despite, in particular, structural obstacles. We keep of her the memory of a frank, jovial, caring and supportive of friends and comrades of struggle."

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She lived for several years in Miami where she was very involved with her spouse in the inclusion of children and teenagers living with a disability or drug addict who lost her bearings, young people that she welcomed in her private home which held of refuge.

In politics, she was nominated in 2015 to the senatoriales of 2015 for the Artibonite under the banner of the Party "Renmen Ayiti". In 2016, she was President of the Women's Political Tribune (TPF), which advocates for the participation of women in power. In 2017, she became Deputy Director of ONA Fanm, an ONA program designed to help poor women access credit and develop women's entrepreneurship. However, she will not stay long, suffering from breast cancer that has cut her off in the fullness of her strength and in her fight.