The Office of the State Secretary for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities (BSEIPH),

Zapping Haiti News: Mystery around the surprise promised by the FHF

Mystery around the surprise promised by the FHF
Since the announcement by the Haitian Football Federation (FHF) that a big surprise would be unveiled Monday, February 13 to our Grenadière after the match Germany - Haiti at the World Cup, France 2018, speculation is going well, the FHF did not reveal anything Monday without explaining the reasons for this silence... and the secret seems well kept within the FHF...

PM : The examination of the documents did not begin
5 days after the tabling in Parliament of the documents by the Prime Minister named Jean Henry Ceant whether at the level of the Senate or the Chamber of Deputies the analysis of the documents filed on August 10 has not yet begun.

USA : $4M for the Haitian customs
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has provided $4 million to the Government of Haiti to help modernize customs processes, which will help train Haitian border officials in revenue collection, traveler processing and the fight against smuggling.

Ceant continues his consultations
The appointed Prime Minister named Jean Henry Ceant met Monday with officials of the OPL, Tuesday afternoon, with leaders of the party BOUCLIER and Tuesday evening in a hotel in Port-au-Prince, with a dozen of depties of the opposition group.

Professional integration of the disabled
The Office of the State Secretary for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities (BSEIPH), organized a training session on the professional integration of persons with disabilities for the benefit of inspectors of the Ministry of Social Affairs to enable them to better understand disability issues and encourage greater consideration of the rights of persons with disabilities in workplace inspections.

Towards water analysis laboratories in Haiti
Friday, August 10, 2018, signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the National Directorate of Drinking Water and Sanitation (DINEPA), the Interdepartmental Union for the Sanitation of the Paris Urban Agglomeration (SIAAP), the Caribbean Cooperation for Development (CCDE) and "Instituto Nacional de Recursos Hidráulicos" (INRH) of Havana (Cuba), aiming at the establishment of laboratories for analysis and monitoring of water quality in Haiti.