Today and more than ever, we call for wisdom, serenity and a collective awareness of societal issues.

Haiti Politic News: The Collective of December 4 denounces the negligence of Government and the irresponsibility of the Executive

 Excerpt from the Appeal of Collective of December 4, 2013 :

"It is with a deep sense of bitterness, of revolt, but also of abnegation that we address you at this moment when our country is falling into total anarchy, is adrift and the citizen delivered to himself. First we present our sympathies to the victims and families of victims of the uprising of July 6 and 7 last [...]

Today and more than ever, we call for wisdom, serenity and a collective awareness of societal issues...

In this perspective, we urge the different groups: religious, economic, student, trade union, socio-professional, the press, the peasantry, political parties and others to restraint and introspection. The failure we see is global and collective. The verdict is without appeal, we need another team of credible and honest people to restore confidence, to steer this transition to institutional reconstruction and to help consolidate the elements of the AGREEMENT.

That the politicians both in Power and those of the Opposition do their "Mea Culpa". Because if we live through these painful events still today [...] they are largely the main culprits. It is painful to note the negligence of the Government and the Executive's inability to manage the deep crises of our country. Faced these riots, the loss of life, the wounded, the anger, the vandalism and the looting of the companies, the passivity and the late reaction of the Head of State are unacceptable. The lack of proven leadership of the Head of Government is, to say the least, reprehensible. All in all, an irresponsible, noncredible, two-headed Executive, guilty of this escalation of violence, will have to be prepared to pay the consequences.

"In fine", in this sordid multifaceted fight whose outcome could lead to a salutary founding transition of the New Nation, the recourse to the Court of Cassation would be the most credible and the most conceivable option [...]"