Jean Bertrand Aristide news

Ex-President Jean Bertrand Aristide will go to court on Friday

Previous Haiti president Jean Bertrand Aristide will show up in court Friday after the judge exploring affirmed debasement indictments against him issued an extraction request for his appearance after President Martely order his arrest. 

The request of extraction was sent to Police Chief Godson Orelus by the administration of Michel and Lamothe, who is to guarantee that the police escort Aristide to the courtroom of Justice, Lamarre Belizaire, who had prior set the previous president under house arrest. 

Aristide and a few of his previous associates have been blamed by the current administration for stealing countless dollars from the State through his association, Aristide for Democracy Foundation and different associations amid the period 2001-04. 

Aristide, a previous Roman Catholic minister, and his partners including Mirlande Liberus, Yvon Neptune, Jean Nesty Lucien and Gustave Faubert, have additionally been banned from leaving the nation. 

Aristide was constrained by force, in February 2004, in a bleeding insubordination headed by previous armed force officer and police magistrate, Guy Philippe. 

Aristide was kidnap by the Bush administration and was sent to the Central African Republic, then in South Africa where he put in around seven, prior years coming back to Haiti in 2011, under the administration of Rene Preval. 

The criminal examination concerning Aristide's organization was started in 2005 under the between time government, headed by President Boniface Alexandre and Prime Minister Gerard Latort