The Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, met with the Secretary of State, John Kerry at the State Department.

The Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, met with the Secretary of State, John Kerry at the State Department. The discussions were held, among others, on elections, energy security and the Caracol Industrial Park Thursday in Washington, a series of activities including a session fundraising for Haiti, to during the annual meeting of finance ministers affiliated with the World Bank. The opportunity for the head of government and head of the National Drinking Water Branch (Dinepa) to present an action plan for the elimination of cholera in 16 towns most affected by this epidemic that has killed more 8 000 deaths since its emergence in 2010. 

At the request of the United Nations (UN), the World Bank convened a meeting with donors to achieve a fundraising meeting for the benefit of the Haitian government in its fight for eradication of cholera. The President of the World Bank, Jim Kim, and the Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki-Moon, will be the key players alongside the ministers of the various countries that will participate in this activity Thursday. 

For two hours, Laurent Lamothe and other members of the Haitian delegation, will advocate for the implementation of this plan would be paid over a period of 10 years. The plan, which will cost just 310 million USD, 16 towns meant feed the drinking water countries over the next three years. "What we most want is to allow all Haitians, regardless of its geographic location, find drinking water without any difficulty, he has said. This project, which is part of the long term, will allow the Haitian government to supply 16 communes of drinking water to reduce the risk of contracting cholera. "

As part of the implementation of this plan, the Dinepa also launch a major clean-up campaign which will aim to minimize the risk of catching this epidemic that has already killed more than 8,000 deaths in the country. 

According to Laurent Lamothe, the Haitian government's request to the United Nations on its moral responsibility in the spread of the cholera epidemic in Haiti should cause no objection, as Secretary General of the United Nations had, himself, argued that UN has at least moral responsibility to help the people of Haiti to stem the spread of this epidemic in the country responsibility. "We are the victims of the cholera epidemic and it is our duty to defend our right to the spread of this epidemic that has killed thousands of deaths in Haiti's families, he has said. It is essential for donors to fund the plan for the eradication of cholera in the country. "

Ahead of the meeting, the Prime Minister is scheduled to meet Wednesday Lamothe, partners and friends of Haiti on the need to accelerate the process of disbursement of funds for Haiti. "We will also discuss with some donors like the World Bank on the need to invest in priority projects for the Haitian government," noting also that he noticed some acceleration in the disbursement of funds for the Haiti recent months. "We are optimistic about the impact of this event and we encourage all partners and friendly countries to meet their commitments to Haiti," he concluded, before flying to Washington to attend the meeting with heads of the World Bank and donors.