The road to the Diaspora Gathering/Forum

NB: We need to focus on the most urgent thing which is to organize and synchronize the Haitian Diaspora! You have the ability and the capacity to do it and there are people who are ready to assist and without any hidden agenda and make no mistake, there is a time limit in their involvement and it is not going to be on going my friends! Nul n’est prophète dans son pays and this is life.
In Haiti, there is a misconception about the word: Diaspora! The Haitian people living anywhere in this planet shall have the right to exert their constitutional duty and voting is one of them!  The Diaspora itself is not a constituent and it will never be a constituent. If the Haitian constitution allows double citizenship, a Haitian-American shall be able to vote for all of the electoral posts in his/her department in Haiti by absentee ballot or in various consulates and embassies.  
With the right people in place, the CEP can organize an election and ensure that all Haitian nationals living anywhere in this planet exert their voting right!  
In this coming election, there is no WILL and DETERMINATION to allow the diaspora to vote! If the Haitian diaspora was already organized, it could have exerted some pressure to force the CEP to reconsider! The United States is financing the election; well, a large peaceful protest against the state Department to withhold the funds until the Diaspora is included would have been necessary! You have some leverage but to use it, you have to organize yourselves!
Remember these three words: Qui finance dirige! The same international community did not give you the right to vote in the reconstruction commission and the same international community is financing the election! they know that you are not organized, they know that you do not have the people behind you and consequently they will not take any of you seriously.
The road to the Diaspora Gathering/Forum
It will take time to organize an event of this magnitude! Success = 80% of planning + 5% of surrounding with the right people + 15% of a discipline implementation.
Prior setting the date for this unique gathering, every single Haitian community in the Diaspora shall be aware of it.
We have studied in depth the 2010 gathering and we can help preventing any reoccurrence if you are interested.   Do not blame yourself since you are not responsible for it and you had no idea that the international community was using you.
The international community is aware that the Haitian Diaspora has lot of skillful people and it was afraid that some of these people despite of not taking part in the initial process could have made some suggestions on how to proceed.  They make sure that the Diaspora representative is just an observer with no voting right. These folks are playing offense only, they were aware of how thing was done and the representative member will not receive support from the Diaspora and they call the shot.  This is my POV: once these folks stated that the Representative of the Diaspora does not have the right to vote, a walk out should have taken place immediately.  ((A unified, organized and synchronized Haitian Diaspora is a threat for the international community in Haiti that dictates almost everything and the typical Haitian politician in Haiti since business as usual will be over))
In some degree, we have to take some responsibilities for that failure! When the international community is operating along knowledgeable people in their respective field, they tend to be careful in their approach. My Haitian friends, we are here today because of arrogance and we will not go anywhere if you do not learn how to address people with respect! Arrogance and aggressiveness can be link to a lack of skill and ability and mostly a lack of home education! An expert will sit quietly and listen to your view and make his/her recommendation based on data and experience.   
A call for people with experience in Community Organizing was imperative and necessary! The current U.S. President who is an expert in Community Organizing and he could have sent a Haitian National to assist you! We understand why many of you did not go to him !!! If you have a desire to assist the Haitian people and you have to speak the truth and those who are serious will understand your argument.  ((President Obama saw that the Current Israelis prime minister was not really interested in the peace process and He stopped; finally, during the wee hours of the election, most of you gave him reason after listening to the statement of the Prime Minister)) in our backyard, we will do the same! If you are interested; then, we are interested; however, if you are not interested; then, life goes on!
It is understood that the Haitian organizations in the Diaspora are very diverse! Some of them are being run by people with a doctorate degree and some have people who can barely sign their name.  The question is: how to bring all of them together and make everyone feels good and respected and fully participating in the process?
A Community Organizer is the only one who can address that question! He/she will break down the barrier and smooth everything and use his/her skills to bring you all together and work collaboratively.
In less than a month from now, you will be celebrating May 18, the Union! Please, take time to honor and respect our ancestors who chose Dessalines on his skills and abilities! President Obama recognizes the skill and the ability of this outstanding Haitian-American, the current U.S. Ambassador to South Africa, Ambassador Patrick H. Gaspard!
Regardless of your profession, we are all interconnected and we need each other.  We need to respect everyone and all professions and treat everyone the same! In our backyard, we use the UPS approach! Everyone starts in loading and unloading the truck and makes your way up! You have to put the time! You create the required time for something you like! Anytime, someone is telling you that he/she does not have the time; in plain English, that person is telling you that he/she is not interested!
Important: first … then, …
Joe Alfred
"If you judge people, you have no time to love them." Mother Teresa , Indian (Albanian-born) humanitarian & missionary (1910 - 1997)