Top 25 Haiti Tourism Influencers You Should Know About (11-15)

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11. Wahoo Bay Beach
top Haiti tourism influencers 2017 Haiti
Overview: Wahoo Bay Beach is located miles and miles away from Port-au-Prince, according to Google Maps, which makes it ideal when and if the capital is going “thru it”. The beach-side hotel has a seafood-heavy menu, adventurous excursions, and offers travelers Haiti at its best, while still treating them to accommodations they’ve gone accustomed to in their vacations in other countries. It also helps greatly that the resort has a tireless social media team that works (seemingly!) around the clock to provide amenities photos, deal offers, event photography that can attract tourists to Wahoo Bay Beach, and Haiti in general. CLICK HERE to visit the Wahoo Bay Beach website, and don’t forget to book your trip while you’re at it!

12. IG Haiti
top 15 Haiti tourism influencers 2017
Overview: Okay, so IG Haiti doesn’t organize tours, nor does it own any hotels. What it does is distribute photos of Haiti on social media at a rapid, consistent space. Its heavy social media program has lured more 37,000 fans on the Instagram platform alone. The fact that it was an early adopter of that social media platforms has made it a Haiti tourism bastion. Followers of IG Haiti ooh and ah, at photos and before you know it, they’re booking trips to Haiti! CLICK HERE to view photos aggregated by IG Haiti. [Photo Credit: Hunter Kintrell]

13. Let’s Go Haiti
top Haiti tourism influencers Let's Go Haiti
Overview: The woman behind Let’s Go Haiti is a Belgian adventurer who discovered Haiti, and took it upon herself to establish a business to help spread the word. Whether bringing in tourists from her homeland Switzerland into Haiti, or from Brazil, Let’s Go Haiti is about making the rest of the world know that Haiti is a viable tourism spot.

14. Manman Pemba
top Haiti tourism influencers
Overview: Haiti needed a Trip Advisor of its own. Manman Pemba was up to the challenge and provided an extensive directory of Haiti’s hotels, dining venues, gyms, events, health and beauty stores. The site is regularly updated, and event includes event listings about Haiti’s nightlife for visitors and residents.
CLICK HERE to visit the Manman Pemba site.

15. Frederick Alexis
Overview: A photographer who specializes in photographing events in Haiti, Alexis had one of the strongest and most consistent presence on the Internet post-2010s. Whether photographing cultural events and figures in Haiti, or shooting Haiti’s much-discussed carnival, this photographer is a tourism ambassador with a camera in hand.

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There you have if folks…the top Haiti tourism influencers. If you missed the previous installments of this countdown, feel free to CLICK HERE!

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