T-Vice Kanaval 2016: 5 Behind-the-Scenes Photos for Dan Di

It’s carnival season in Haiti…so T-Vice Kanaval 2016 is going to get the video treatment. Members of the group T-Vice have been busy filming the video for their song “Dan Di” [Buck Teeth?]. Check out these behind-the-scenes photos of the group in action.


Ah, looks like a daycare playground….


And look, who could this be co-starring in this T-Vice kanaval video?

It’s none other than kreyolicious chick Hencha Voigt, CEO of Hencha Voight Fitness.

T-Vice kanaval

She’s in carnival gear for T-Vice kanaval.

T-Vice Kanaval 2016

The T-Vice group flirts with the camera, and takes a selfie on the set.

T-Vice Kanaval 2016

While T-Vice leader Roberto Martino cavorts on the set, the music video director Abdias Laguerre checks his phone.


What will the final product look like? Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, CLICK HERE to read more about the group T-VICE.

And be sure to keep up with this group via their page on TWITTER by CLICKING HERE.

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