An Interview With The Entrepreneur Behind The Haitian Beauties Brand, Part I

Haitian Beauties LLC
She calls her platform Haitian Beauties LLC, and with good reason. On Haitian Beauties, Bianca Don showcases the beauty of the women of Haiti as well as the country itself. She’s also what you might call a cultural survey specialist or digital anthropologist too. She occasionally fields questions and answer sessions…er chats…to her legion of Haitian-American followers to get an overview of their thoughts on Haitian-American life, childhood dynamics, and Haitian parent behaviors.

Kreyolicious: The Haitian-American experience varies. What was yours like?
Bianca Don/Haitian Beauties: My parents are from Port-Au-Prince. My eldest sister and my brother were born in Haiti and came to American at 8 and 10 years old. They would get jumped after school just for having a Haitian accent and dressing differently. I was born in [the United States of] America, so I didn’t have an accent. When I reached middle my mom stopped giving me barrettes and dodo braids and my older sister started doing my hair and buying my shoes so it was assumed by other students that because I didn’t dress “like a Haitian” or talk like I was Haitian that I must’ve not been Haitian. It wasn’t until a new student came in to the school and I was asked to translate for her all of the African-American students seemed to be confused…How could she be Haitian I took this opportunity to try to educate them on our culture and that’s when I began to gravitate toward changing the stereotype/view that America seems to have on Haitians.Haitian Beauties LLC merchandise

Kreyolicious: How did Haitian Beauties LLC come to existence?
Bianca Don/Haitian Beauties: Haitian Beauties is something that I wanted to do for a really long time. I felt as though there has always been a void of appreciation for Haitian women to the point where if you’re beautiful and you’re Haitian then you’ll get questioned about if you’re really Haitian or not so I wanted to create a platform where Haitian girls and women could feel proud of the blood that runs through them until it becomes the norm to equate beauty, pride self love, and love for thy culture with being Haitian. The page itself was started back in 2014 but we’ve officially become a company February,2016. What truly inspired me to start Haitian Beauties was the fact that back in school (middle) I would come across a lot of Haitian girls who would keep it a secret that they were Haitian just to avoid possibly getting picked on and I hated seeing that, so now I use this page to show each and every Haitian that runs across the page that they are beautiful and they shouldn’t be afraid to let the world know it.
Haitian Beauties LLC
Kreyolicious: What drew you to entrepreneurship?
Bianca Don/Haitian Beauties: “Choose a job that you like, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” -Confucius
I’ve always knew that I didn’t want to have to work for anyone, Why should I have a boss when I can be the boss. A large percentage of people are miserable in their job whether it be a doctor or a cashier. I truly believe that if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing then you’re wasting your time on earth.

Kreyolicious: With a company with a name like that…was there ever a time in your life when you felt less than beautiful?
Bianca Don/Haitian Beauties: I’ve always felt beautiful as a Haitian woman no one could tell me different[ly]. I named the company Haitian Beauties because I believe every Haitian should feel like that. To me strong, beautiful, prideful are all synonymous with Haitian.

This concludes PART I of the interview with Bianca Don of Haitian Beauties LLC. Watch out for Part II! Meanwhile….

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