10 Most Memorable Moments From Mimis Boutiq 5th Fashion Show

This past Sunday, Mimi’s Boutiq held the fifth edition of its much-wagged-about fashion show at the Newport Beach Hotel in Sunny Isles, Florida. PR maven Ketia Fequiere served yet again as the primary marketer and publicist for the show.Here’s a countdown of the greatest moments of the 4+ hour fashion and music extravaganza.

1. The abundance of melanin on display.

Mimi's Fashion Boutique

Models from the IamPrIIIncess swimsuit line pose at the entrance of the lobby.

2. Le’Tron…Le’Tron…Le’Tron.
Mimi's Fashion Boutiq Letron
There are designers, and there are designers like Le’Tron, who’s quite a showman. Well, King Divo and his sweeping fan.

3. MacD of the group Harmonik and Richard Cave of Carimi posed for a photo.
Mimi's Boutiq Fashion Show

Bromance! Oh, the sweets of brotherhood.

4. The trip to Africa courtesy of Ginen Creations.

Mimi's Boutitque 5th Annual Fashion Show
With the print patterns that typify Haiti’s African heritage, Ginen Creations reminded us all of the Middle Passage and the beauty of culture through clothes.

5. Tico Armand and her ever-changing outfits.

The community leader/model and host dazzled the audience with her sweeping outfits from the glittery pant she sported in the latter part of the night to the chest-baring, royal blue top she wore mid-way through the show.

Mimi's Fashion Boutique Tico Armand

Her banter throughout the evening with co-host Regi Toussaint kept the show interesting. [Photo Credit: EFM Productions]

6. The entrepreneurial hustle manifesting.
Mimi's Boutiq 5th Annual Fashion Show Krem de la Krem

Mimi’s Boutiq was founded by an entrepreneur whose tenacity and persistence evokes inspiration in others.

Mimi's Boutiq 5th Annual Fashion Show

The young entrepreneurs behind such fledgling firms as 14 Forty Apparel, Je Suis Kreyol, Krem de la Krem, Ginen Creations, Vintage1804, had their goods on display. [Photo Credit: EFM Productions]
Miami's Fashion Boutiq 14 Forty Apparel
Their presence was a highlight as it proved what economists have been yapping about: that more and more people are entering the world of entrepreneurship—especially those in their twenties and thirties. [Photo Credit: EFM Productions]

7. The little ones backstage in their Bewear Swimwear.

Mimi's Boutiq Be Wear Swimwear

The little models in training, you could say. But, the level of sophistication and elegance they displayed in their working the runway already shows that they can train models twice their age. [Photo Credit: Seattle Renae]

8. Josue Champagne’s collection from Catou
Mimi's Boutiq 5th Annual Fashion Show Catou Champagne
It’s always good to see the male species whether in formal wear or beachwear.

9. Designer Viva La Onyx’s sophisticated wear.

Mimi's Boutiq Viva La Onyx

Elegance. Elegance.[Photo Credit: GW Photography]

10. The musical performances.

Mimi's Boutiq Phyllisia Ross

From MacD of the group Harmonik taking the stage to Phyllisia Ross and direct-from-Haiti singer Rutshelle taking up the stage.

Both ladies had the audience singing along with them. Clad in a floor-length summer print-dress Phyllisia Ross performed “Konsa” and “Ma Vie Sans Toi”, and dabbled at the keyboard on stage. Rutshelle wore an off-the-shoulder mini-print dress and dangling earrings.

Mimi’s Boutiq 5th Annual Fashion Show was more than a fashion show. It turned out to be a convention of sorts for everything from entrepreneurship to sisterhood to music.

Mimi's Boutiq 5th Annual Fashion Show La Belle Couture
The designers such as La Belle Couture Wearable Art showcased sophisticated designs and put on quite a show overall.

Oh, what a kreyolicious night it was. Were you there?


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