Did you know? In 1874 Haiti and the Dominican Republic signed a friendship treaty

Did you know? In 1874 Haiti and the Dominican Republic signed a friendship treaty

The book W. Cameron Forbes and the Hoover Commissions to Haiti, by Robert Melvin Spector expresses that Michel Domingue was chosen on June 11, 1874 for a term of eight years. In November of that year, Haiti and the Dominican Republic marked a kinship arrangement. History specialist Dantes Bellegarde keeps up that Domingue's nephew Septimus Rameau was fundamentally the intellectual prowess behind Domingue. 


Leger construes that the defeat of Domingue began with the issuance of an advance of 26 million francs from France that Rameau launched, the majority of which professedly went straightforwardly into his pockets. Besides, capture warrants were issued for three exceedingly respected people in Domingue's administration: Pierre-Theoma Boisrond Canal, Pierre Momplaisir, and General Brice. The trio was blamed by Rameau for contriving against Domingue, and equipped warriors were sent to catch them. 

Brice, relates Leger, had the capacity escape from his aggressors and later passed on of a thigh wound at the Spanish Consultate. As indicated by Spector, Monplaisir Pierre set up a colossal battle, and offered fighters to capture him a taste of his aptitudes as a fine military men, before being stifled by fortification sent from the big guns. Spector likewise expressed in his book that Boisrond-Canal was cautioned. Leger happens to say that Boisrond Canal was at his bequest in a territory called Freres in Petionville, and figured out how to escape to the U.s. Office, which at the time, was in a suburb called Turgeau. 

As indicated by Leger, after the passing of Brice and Pierre, and still pissed at the advance that was purportedly utilized for Rameau's satisfaction, Port-au-Prince rose up against Domingue and Rameau. Rameau went to the Bank of Haiti to withdraw the remaining stash he had spared there, and was slaughtered in the lanes before he could make a run for it. Domingue had the capacity escape and make his getaway to Jamaica.

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