1957 Novel La Danse Du Volcan To Be Released In English

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#Kreyolicious Books More than forty following her death, legendary Haitian author Marie Vieux Chauvet’s book La Danse du Volcan, originally published in the mid-1950s, will get an English translation from publisher Archipelago, a division of Penguin Random House.

In 2010, the publisher Modern Library Classics had published a translation of the author’s 1967 novel entitled Amour, Colère, Folie entitled Love, Anger, Madness. Literary scribes Rose-Myriam Rejouis and Val Vinokur were the translators for that edition.

In The Dance of the Volcano, Chauvet tells the story of two sisters (ahem, then known as Saint-Domingue), and their fate in color-divided, colonial Haiti.

The Dance of the Volcano‘s translator is none other than Kaiama L. Glover, an author who had experiences with translating another Haitian literary classic, Ready to Burst by Frank Etienne.

The kindle and paperback edition of The Dance of the Volcanowill be available in November. You can pre-order it BY CLICKING HERE!

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