Music Video: Saskya Skys Creole Rendition of Adeles Hello

Kreyolicious Music Video…in which…in which I watch and share my thoughts as I watch a music video by a Haitian artist.
Artist: Sasky Sky
Cellist: Guy Michel
Director: Garnel Ambroise Production: GA StudiosSaskya SkyBefore you even watch this music video, you are intrigued. First and foremost, this is a remake…a Creole version of one of the most explosive songs of the year by the British singer Adele.

What can singer Saskya Sky bring to it? Well, turns out…an abundance…

The opening is a close-up on the singer dressed as a bride. Already, from the anxiety in her eyes, you can tell that something isn’t quite kosher. She’s on the phone, and her platinum and light auburn ringlets tumble in disarray. Nothing on her face indicates that it’s one of the happiest days of her life.

Sasky Sky Creole Hello Adele

The video ends with the disillusioned woman tossing her bouquet and resigning herself to the truth.

Saskya Sky Hello

Director Garnel Ambroise uses just a few locations for the video. The singer is on a bridge. The bridge symbolizes the overpass between the ugly present and the past she refuses to let go of.

Sasky Sky
This scene is interesting…it looks like a surrealist painting. She’s in the middle of some forest or arboretum, and yet we can see a skyline. Yet another illusion of her mind?

Sasky Sky photo

Ooh, she’s got a handsome guy by her side now. Ooh, he even plays an instrument. How romantic.

Saskya Sky Alo Adele Creole

So who is this dude? It can’t be the guy that she’s trying to get on the phone. He never comes to the phone. He never makes himself accessible to her. This dude must be a new love interest she’s ignoring. Or a concerned friend who’s worried about her well-being.

Ooh, he snatches the ring off her finger. It’s his way of telling her to get over it. And if you look closely—if you look very closely, like you’ve got bifocals, or trifocals on—you’ll see that it isn’t a wedding band, but an engagement ring. Poor baby, she’s been keeping it on her finger even though her relationship clearly has disintegrated. Bet she bought it for herself.

Saskya Sky music video

And then there’s the scene in the forest where the singer is sprawled on the grass, and she’s singing her agony out.

Sasky Sky Alo

Now ladies, a forest is better than a therapist’s chair. She gets to scream, yell, and cry all she wants, and no one but the birds hovering over her head, and the rodents and bugs sleeping inside the tree trunks can hear.


Saskya stretches out her range really well for this song. Although this is a “foreign language” remake of the song, you hear the same anguish as the original. And you’ve got to admit that she looks good in that dress. Girl, store that thing in the closet somewhere so that the Prince Charming you don’t have to call a million times will walk you down the aisle.

This isn’t a song about a typical jilted bride. Rather, it’s a story of a woman who had been nurturing illusions about a relationship. She wanted to be wed, but instead she got discarded. She wanted her Happily Ever After, but instead got emotionally assaulted with a Chosen Never Never.

Saskya Sky Alo video

Alo? Can I get a Podyab?

Be sure to watch the Kreyolicious music video below!


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Phyllisia Ross Upcoming Music Video Only For You

Fans of singer Phyllisia Ross are waiting breathlessly for the release of her music video for “Only for You”. The singer-songwriter-composer has been posting teasing photos on her social media accounts, giving her followers and fans glimpses of scenes from the music video. The video, directed by Abdias Laguerre–who also directed the video for her song “Konsa”—is expected to be released before the end of the year.
Phyllisia Ross
The singer, clad in a lace black dress strikes a pose.

Phyllisia Ross Haitian
The singer puts on her shades at a marina. Ooh, isn’t that a suitcase next to her? Is she about to make an escape somewhere? Is she running away from someone? She looks like a female don in this photo.

Phyllisia Ross
Ooh, look at that ponytail! And who’s this guy next to her!

Phyllisia Ross Only For You
Ooh, she looks quite the femme fatale in this one. Wonder if she’ll be playing a bad girl in this music video…

Phyllisia Ross
Another great visual from the video.

Phyllisia Ross Only for You Video

Getting her face beat in-between takes for the video. Ooh, what lashes. And that updo is too slick.

Phyllisia Ross Only for you music video photo
She’s looking so pensive in this one. You just know she’s belting out a high note.

Phyllisia Ross only for you music video
Ooh la la. Smoke effects.

Be sure to watch out for the “Only for you” music video, filmed in association with Stark Media. Meanwhile…


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