Miss Haiti Universe Lisa Drouillard on Haiti, Philanthropy and Her Future

Miss Haiti Universe Lisa Drouillard has a lot of mileage on her feet. The New York-born-and-raised beauty queen traveled to Vegas late last year to compete at the Miss Universe pageant. She didn’t win the crown, but to most, her smile and persistence were everything.

Since then, she’s been continuing her community service work. She teamed up with the organization Fresh Youth Initiatives to inspire younger girls with her motivational talks.

And then there’s Haiti. There was a time when Haiti was a place Lisa Drouillard saw on the internet, and heard others discuss. Now, she’s made several trips to the island, visiting schools and speaking to Haiti’s children—and being an unofficial ambassador of sorts. It comes with the beauty queen territory, and it’s a territory that she’s more than familiar with, having won the Miss Teen New York pageant a few years ago. Then it was Miss Grand International right before Miss Haiti Universe, and who knows what might be next. It’s hard not to applaud her.

Kreyolicious: Congratulations by the way on having been Miss Universe Haiti, first off.

Thank You!

Kreyolicious: Even if you’ve already won pageants before, and have been winning them since you were a kid, some people don’t realize that it takes courage to enter each additional one.

It does. Most times the reason why pageant girls enter pageants is to gain or work on their self esteem. And then to finally make it and be conscious of the negative comments that are made about you takes a lot of courage to face. I was tell girls that they have to be sure that this is something that they want to do because it can definitely take you out of your comfort zone.
Lisa Drouillard

Kreyolicious: What was it like to compete for the Miss Universe Haiti in Vegas?

Competing for the Miss Universe pageant was a dream come true. I have been competing for some time now, so to make it to that very stage was very much accomplishing.

Kreyolicious: To me, you’re a winner for just having been there. Outside of your pageant triumphs, what are you most proud of?

I am proud of the person I have become. I love that I give myself a goal and no matter how difficult or how unfair my journey may seem, I still manage to make sure that I stay true to myself and do whatever it is my heart is set out on. In a world where it is easy to fall apart, I am glad I can find different ways to get past the negatives.

Kreyolicious: The last time I interviewed you, you had never been to Haiti. But since then, you’ve made trips. What was the first trip like? What has it been like since then?

My first trip I was eager to know what the actually country and people were like. Now, even though I am still learning, I feel like I am able to appreciate it from a cultural perspective rather than a touristic mindset.

Kreyolicious: You once told me that your definition of beauty is “being content with oneself.” But you can be content with yourself, but your mind and pysche are constantly getting battered and assaulted with comparisons…filtered images and all. I’ve read of cases where girls and women fell into deep depression or worse when they were looking at social media platforms of people their age, and being bummed out because they felt they couldn’t compare with the perfection that was presented by their peers.

I can relate. The media will always be there to sway our emotions left and right unfortunately. I think that having a healthy surrounding can also aid into one being content with his or herself. There will always be someone who looks better is doing better, but once you accept that your journey is different, then you doubt less. Having those group of people who has your best interest at heart really helps keep you driven.
Lisa Drouillard

Kreyolicious: It’s been said that a women’s biggest enemies are women themselves. Girls rule the world, so goes the maxim. And yet, some women have the lowest self esteem and self-image.

I feel like that will always be the case because we are human! It is not everyday we will feel like a million bucks. We will have out moments when we feel “wack” it’s called a bad day. As long as we don’t turn it into a bad life. As far as being each other’s biggest enemies, that can be the unfortunate truth these days because we want to win so badly at everything that we start shutting others that look up to us out. Generally speaking. I hope that can change although there are some women doing a great job at being each other’s mentors. If you do well, so will I.

Kreyolicious: I saw all these adorable photos of you and these little school children and Haiti. I think it’s cool that you do these school tours.

Kreyolicious: Are you involved with any philanthropic organizations or have thought of forming your own?

I am in the process of choosing one to work with. As for now I am enjoying being able to work with as many as my heart’s desires.
Lisa Drouillard

Kreyolicious: Lisa Drouillard is a name we’re going to be seeing over and over. What’s next for you?

A lot is happening for me thankfully. I am truly blessed. You may see the entrepreneur business side of Lisa, the philanthropic side, and the actress maybe. So many opportunities are coming my way and I want to cease the moment and enjoy them without biting off more than I can chew or getting lost in the hype!

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