The President of the Republic officially launches Agritrans Project in the Department of East

The President of the Republic officially launches Agritrans Project in the Department of East

Port-au-Prince, Friday, Oct. 10, 2014: The President of the Republic, His Excellency Mr. Michel Joseph Martelly, accompanied by the Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Wilson Laleau, conducted this Thursday, Oct. 10, in the town of Trou-du-Nord, the planting of the first seedlings of organic bananas as part of the launch of Agritrans Project. 

This project brings together over three thousand farmers from different associations, is the production of organic bananas for export. Two million seedlings will be planted as part of this initiative. To achieve its objectives, the FEPA / AGRITRANS consortium has a thousand acres of land, modern agricultural equipment, pumps for irrigation, an artificial lake with a capacity of seven hundred thousand gallons and projects create about three thousand jobs. 

The Haitian government, through the Industrial Development Fund (IDF), has six million American dollars available to the initiator of this innovative and ambitious project, whose total cost amounts to twenty-seven million U.S. $. To enable SA to strengthen Agritrans 15 million in additional funding will be advanced to him. 

Jovenel Mr. Moise, chief this significant undertaking was generous no praise for the Martelly Administration that allowed him to realize his "dream", ten years old. 

The Head of State, for his part, expressed his satisfaction with the work that has already been made since the presentation of the project in November 2013, Henry Christophe University in Limonade. He also indicated that this approach is the expression of the vision of his administration that strives to create a new dynamic for the integrated development of the Haitian citizen. The Head of State announced that the first containers of organic bananas leave the town of Trou-du-Nord by the month of July 2015 in the direction of Europe and especially in the Caribbean. 

This support from the state to the farm Agritrans SA demonstrates once again the will of the administration Martelly to promote the creation of businesses and jobs in the country, to improve the living conditions of population.

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