Maryse Narcisse, programs and promises

Maryse Narcisse

Maryse Narcisse presidential candidate under the banner of the Fanmi Lavalas Party, said his program focuses on the creation of wealth, social justice, education for all, strengthening the rule of law and the environment . 
  1. She advocates a strengthening of national production for wealth creation and job creation; facilitating access to energy and credit. For access to credit, the Lavalas Party provides for an investment fund to facilitate its access to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and Small and Medium Industries (SMIs). 
  2. Maryse Narcisse said the funds would come from the PetroCaribe program of the Central Bank where there exist mechanisms to find funds to finance SMEs. 
  3. It stresses that the share allocated to investment under his government, will be much more important in its budget in order to encourage domestic production. If elected, she promises a responsible budget without wastage of state resources. 
  4. In its program, the priority investment sectors are: agriculture, infrastructure, tourism, agro-industry, energy and transport. 
  5. To find the funds necessary to finance its program, the candidate considers important to increase the tax burden without increasing taxes, announcing a fight against corruption, fraud and tax evasion. 
  6. Regarding growth, the first year it expects a rate approaching that of the Dominican Republic which is 7.3% [Haiti 1-2% this year]. The candidate also promised to solve the land problem in Haiti. In addition, in each communal section, she wants to build a health center and a fundamental national school. 
  7. At the security level, it is against the remobilization of the army of Haiti and announced a strengthening of the Police National D'Haiti (PNH). 
  8. Among the first steps Maryse Narcisse intends to adopt, if elected, to include the adoption of a governability pact after negotiations with the political parties and the appointment of a government after negotiations ...
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