Ex-Beauty Queen Turned-Entrepreneur Hermanie Pierre

Hermanie Pierre is not the type of former beauty queen to sit there and be complacent. The one-time Miss Haiti International penned a self-help business book shortly after her reign ended. And she isn’t stopping there. SXE Fitness and SXE Hair are her entries into the fitness and beauty business realms Follow along as we talk about these ventures.

Hermanie Pierre

Kreyolicious: You’re a beauty queen, an engineer, an author, motivational speaker and now entrepreneur. What made you undertake SXE Fitness?

I love being in the gym. The hardest thing about going to the gym is when you can’t find anything to wear. Being at the gym means you want to feel great, look sexy, and be fabulous. If you are trying to feel like that, you must have the gear to help you mentally. The problem I had [was this:] I could not find great workout gym wear that was sexy and comfortable. Once I wore my SXE Fitness clothes I noticed I stayed at the gym longer and felt so sexy that no one in the gym looked better than me. [Laughter] The outfit gave me a boost of confidence.

Kreyolicious: I noticed that the line’s pieces are very stylish. I’m sure that’s not just a coincidence. Do you think that having great workout gear can motivate someone to be more active fitness-wise?

OMG I saw people at the gym wearing baggy clothes! If you watched them closely, they were not as motivated. SXE Fitness clothes are made with 100% supplex material. Supplex material is lightweight, flexible and dry fit. It won’t wrinkle, shrink or fade. Excellent quality. The most amazing thing about our entire line is that it’s available in “One size fits Most” fitting sizes from 0 to 10. It doesn’t matter if you are size 0 or 10. These clothes will fit–and it also give you a butt lift…no surgery, a natural lift.

Most people don’t know that 80% of working out is what you eat and feel. If you feel sexy the chance is you will eat less junk food because you don’t want to mess up that body. Well SXE Fitness helps you mentally with that. Every time you wear your clothes and you feel so sexy, chances are you will not mess up that body. Ten percent is cardio. Ten percent is actual gym work. Well those 20% combination again wearing gym wear like SXE Fitness brand. It will help you mentally stay in the gym longer and motivate you to keep going and reach your fitness goals.
Hermanie Pierre

Kreyolicious: Do you have a workout regimen?

My regimen is very predictable and simple. I go to the gym between 3 to 5 times a week. The main reason I go to the gym is to tone and not lose weight. I also have a partner at the gym. Some days we do legs and arms. Forty-eight hours later, we come back together and do the same workout. One day is dedicated to abs and another to cardio.

Kreyolicious: What goes into running your clothing line?

Wow! running SXE Fitness clothing is an around the clock job. Why? Because I am always thinking of what is next, what girls/women will love, what will help them. I also have an amazing team behind me helping me. Our goal is to make sure women feel sexy and confident. What’s best about SXE Fitness we make sure other people have jobs from sewing to packing. While we are branding our line, we are also creating job and give back to the community.

Hermanie Pierre SXE Fitness

Kreyolicious: Girl, what’s next for you?

The Sky’s the Limit! God blessed me tremendously and I am very grateful for that. I am working on the men’s gym wear line, as well as a plus size line. I keep getting the same questions what about men? What about plus size? Just like I told them. Rome was not built in one day. [Laughter] But I am very happy with the turn out, the feedback and testimonials. I have a lot of happy celebrity clients. My focus now is on the men’s and plus-size lines. Also, a month ago I announced my hair line SXE Hair. I carry all types : Peruvian, Malaysian, Brazilian and Cambodian-straight, body waves, curly, kinky…you name it!

All are grade 8A-the best hair quality you can find. I believe everyone should look gorgeous in however they define their beauty. My goal is to make sure they have what they need. I also provide beauty on the budget-a-lay-away program where you can buy whatever you want hair or gym wear with a $50 deposit and pick up your items when you pay your final payment. Your items are guaranteed to be available.

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Would you like to get yourself some SXE Fitness Gear? Of course you would!To all Kreyolicious readers please use code “LPH10” for extra discount and free priority shipping.


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