How The Haitian-American Comedy Team Behind Haitian Husbands

Haitian husbands
If you’re part of Team Haiti, but have never heard of Haitian Husbands, then you’re probably a newbie to the Instagram game. Made up of two South Florida-based friends named James and Jonas, the comedic duo has been provoking laugh attacks, and funny bone inflammation everywhere with their daring jokes and pranks all captured for Instagram and Youtube. Many became acquainted with them through their widely-shared videos on Facebook, but now look forward to seeing their few-seconds-long comedy bits on Instagram. Hundreds have flocked to see them at their stand-up shows with fellow comedians.

That’s the what of Haitian Husbands. And the why? Haitian-Americans are connecting with one another on social media, and a common childhood is one of the things we all share. While not all Haitian-Americans may be able to identify with the jokes, enough do so that Haitian Husbands…boys…have been able to brand themselves as one of the mavens of Haitian-American comedy.

This is my interview with Jonas (also known as the one who’s bearded).

Kreyolicious: What made you get into comedy?

Well, since “lekol”, I was always that dezod kid who got suspended or in trouble for being the class clown. It came naturally to me, although normally I just don’t concern myself with comedy only. I’d rather look at myself as an “entertainer”.

Kreyolicious: Why the name Haitian Husbands?

We started just under two years ago by the name “Haitian Husbands of South Flowida”. It was originally intended as a web series on Youtube (you can still find it). There was originally four of us. [But] when the number got down to two (Jonas and James), we decided to just keep Haitian Husbands. It Sounded like nothing that was out there and allowed us to be original and different.

Haitian Husbands

Kreyolicious: What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you as a person?
Running down a hallway in the seventh grade…late to class. At that time, I still wore tidy whities—kalson. I ran too fast and fell and you could see all my kalson and a** just out in the open. I thought it was embarrassing at the time, but looking back on it I laugh.

Kreyolicious: What’s it like working with James?
I’ve known James for 20 Years now. I really couldn’t tell you [Laughter]. He’s like my right arm…always there. So you can only understand that we do have a share of disputes and disagreements. But when it’s all said and done, we make great work together.

Kreyolicious: Which comedians do you find to be the most inspiring?
I don’t see us as pure comedians. We do the comedy—as a form of entertainment that everyone will remember. I’ve always said, “You’ll always remember someone who made you laugh or smile”, Which is why we took the comedy first to the people. Also we see a lot of these “viral videos” and Instagram/Vine stars who do videos for their respective audience whether it be American, Spanish, Jamaican etc…We looked at it AND said, “What about the Haitians”?

Kreyolicious: As a comedy team, do you guys ever disagree as to what creative direction to go in with a project?

All [the] time…we’re arguing right now.

Kreyolicious: What can fans look forward to?
Web series and more web series, and more web series: “1804” and “Pilfer”. [Laughter] Won’t speak to much on that as of right now. [Smiles]


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